Adidas Originals Smartphone Gloves Finger Gloves Black

adidas Originals Smartphone Gloves Finger Gloves Black gloves

Never take off gloves again when working with your mobile! In the glove period, it is uncomfortable to put on and take off your gloves if you want to write a message or take a call -because with conventional gloves, you can not operate a smartphone display.

With the adidas Originals Gloves, you can operate any touch screen thanks to conductive yarn that is sewn in at the fingertips of the thumb and forefinger.

The complete package of gloves is completed by the 3 stripes on the waistband and the adidas Trefoil logo patch on the side.

-Finger gloves

-Smartphone compatible

-Index finger and thumb equipped with conductive yarn

-3 Stripes on the cuffs

-Material: 96% acrylic, 3% nylon, 1% spandex

-Trefoil logo patch on the side

Brand: adidas

Mens Black Leather Touchscreen Gloves For Smartphone

These mens black leather touchscreen gloves can be used for texting with your smartphone during the cold winter weather. Being CC

Agloves Unisex Sport Touchscreen Gloves

Agloves Unisex Sport Touchscreen Gloves

  1. Agloves are the top-rated touchscreen glove for precision and accuracy.
  2. A snug-fitted cuff seals the wind out, while the silver nylon traps heat in.
  3. Agloves Sport are available in two unisex sizes S/M or M/L.
  4. Agloves are made with REAL silver, the most conductive element in the Periodic Table of Elements.
  5. Color is black with silver flecks to produce a charcoal grey coloring.
  6. Made primarily with acrylic, these gloves are breathable and help draw moisture away from the body.
  7. Made in China with: 68% Acrylic, 15% silver yarn, 12% spandex, 5% rubber thread.
  8. These gloves are nice and lightweight, but warm for the winter.
  9. With the mild winter we've been having, I haven't been able to take these out for a proper test drive yet but I like the feel of these gloves and I think they will be perfect for winter.
  10. The color is a dark gray which I feel look good with all color coats, not just black coats.
  11. Can I just say that I really love that I now have gloves that I don't have to take off to answer my phone?
  12. I did use a seam ripper to take the tags off because they were a little itchy.
  13. It's only a few stitches, and I wasn't worried that I might ruin the gloves in the process.
  14. Aside from the itchy tag (which I removed), I think they're perfect.
  15. The other pair were the more common kind that has the touchscreen sensitive material in all the fingertips, whereas this pair says it has the material in the entire glove.
  16. Comparing the two, I do definitely feel this one has a mild improvement in the responsiveness to touches, but it is definitely still far from perfect.
  17. I think the best that can be said was it was slightly less frustrating with these gloves than the other pair I compared them to.
  18. One thing though is that these didn't keep me very warm in the 40-degree temps of Europe.
  19. My fingers were still quite cold through them, and wind seemed to easily creep through the material.
  20. Still, the gloves were better fitting and looked nicer (more expensive) with than the other gloves I had, and they didn't cost much more, so I am satisfied enough with the purchase.
  21. I can wear them for long periods of time and they're not distracting or getting in the way of what I need to do.
  22. The material isn't too thick, which makes them great for dexterity.
  23. I'm not sure they would work well to keep hands warm outdoors in the winter in places where the climate is colder than California.
  24. I'm using them indoors, so this isn't a concern for me.
  25. The gloves are very interchangeable between hands and I dont notice a difference in conductivity in the fingertips when switching between hands.
  26. Some gloves have less conductivity on the "back" side of the fingers, and thus aren't readily interchangable.
  27. My only complaints are:

    (1) The tag on the wrist constantly itches me because I have sensitive skin.

  28. If you (for example) usually find tags in shirts to cause you discomfort or itching, you may have the same issue with the tag on the wrist of these gloves.
  29. As someone with sensitive skin, the material isn't the softest I feel like it could be.
  30. After two weeks of daily use and no washing, I've noticed that a couple of the more plastic-y fibers in the glove are starting to come out a little.
  31. I will be interested in seeing how these gloves stand up to washing and age.
  32. If you have velcro on your jacket, these gloves will catch and you'll get some pilling.
  33. I can't tell how well they'll last because they are a knit (so no real wind protection either).
  34. For my purposes (operating a drone while being on a boat and needing touch screen access) it worked great.
  35. I tried them out for the first time today, on a day where the high was around 31degrees.
  36. The gloves served the added advantage advertised of being able to function on a touchscreen.
  37. The woven material is pretty nice and it kept my hands warm for about an hour of activity(brisk walking), but again the drawback was I then stopped to chat with some friends and the wind and cold began to cut through the gloves until my fingers were close to numb.
  38. I gave these a high rating because they serve the purpose I have them, but my overview is don't plan on keeping your fingers warm for very long and be wary of possible texting inconsistency.

Buy here $8.10 - $36.00

Seirus Innovation 1176 Mens Heatwave All Weather Form Fit Polartec Glove with Soundtouch Touch Screen Technology

Seirus Innovation 1176 Mens Heatwave All Weather Form Fit Polartec Glove with Soundtouch Touch Screen Technology

  1. Soundtouch allows you to operate any touchscreen device without removing your gloves, assuring the ultimate in convenience when using touchscreen devices.
  2. It feels thickish and warm without being too bulky since the fit is sleek.
  3. The small still feels rather large compared to other gloves, even other Seirus smalls.
  4. I can accurately type with these gloves, but I cannot recommend them to people who need even 20 degree Fahrenheit protection.
  5. Stayed warm and dry with good dexterity and no bulkiness.
  6. Best gloves I've ever bought and I have some much more expensive ski gloves.
  7. It's only 30 degrees here (which I don't consider that cold), yet my fingers are frozen.
  8. When we got the large, we could not tell the difference in size.

Buy here $47.58 - $54.99

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