Aloiki Surfing Complete Longboard Pintail -Top Mount

Aloiki Surfing Complete Longboard Pintail  Top Mount

Pintail Shape Top Mount Axle Mount Experience real surf on the tarmac.

The Aloha Surf Complete Longboard consists of 8 layers of Canadian Maple, has a negative preload and low concave.

With this combination, you are right up there when it comes to having the most fun on the board. Excellent driving characteristics for cruising and carving! The board comes mounted to your home, so you can start cruising immediately! -Length: 102 cm.

-Width: 24 cm

-Construction: 8 layers of Canadian maple wood

-Axles: Freedom 180 Trucks (black)

-Rolls: Aloha 83A 70x51mm

-Axle mounting: Topmount

-Stock: Abec 5

-Concave: Low

-Flex: Medium / Stiff / Negative Bias

Note: The board should not be exposed to wet!

Brand: Aloiki

GoldCoast Skateboard – Complete Longboard – Classic Bamboo Pintail 44 Inch

GoldCoast Skateboard - Complete Longboard - Classic Bamboo Pintail 44 Inch

  1. Like a t-shirt and jeans, it’s good to go whenever, wherever.
  2. The boards boast seven-ply maple deck construction for a responsive ride with printed grip tape.
  3. Measuring 44 by 10 inches with a 26-inch wheelbase, the boards offer smooth, stable carving.
  4. The Classic Complete boards come ready to ride with 71-millimeter, 80a Shred Boot wheels to get you over the bumps, Century seven-inch reverse pivot trucks, and ABEC 7 bearings with Teflon.
  5. The board is actually very sturdy and has no flex whatsoever.
  6. When I’m riding it, it feels like I’m rolling on a thick piece of wood.
  7. The bearings that come with this longboard are not that great as expected.
  8. All of my other friends’ boards seem to ride much faster than mine.
  9. This is an excellent board for beginners if you’re just starting out.
  10. Or you can buy this and make mods to it by buying new bearings and maybe some wheels/trucks.
  11. I’m 6’2″ and was having balance issues on the shorter longboards but this thing is really smooth.
  12. Great for starters and anyone who wants something to cruise with.
  13. Most longboards over 40′ at skate shops have absurd prices and I’m not serious enough to hand over that about of money.
  14. I was worried about ending up with a Walmart quality board, happy I was proved wrong.
  15. However, the length (39 3/4″) is 4 1/4″ shorter than the 44″ advertised length.
  16. I don’t know much about longboarding since I’m new to the sport, but it’s a great cruiser and great for hills.
  17. Only negative is that the graphic looked a little bit different than the one showed on the picture.
  18. Goldcoast” was in a different font, and the graphic on the griptape looked different.
  19. HOWEVER, I’m not picky, and the board looks awesome all the same!
  20. He absolutely loves this board, and he rides it all the time.
  21. The quality and workmanship is great, and it provides a smooth ride.
  22. Not very low to the ground and trucks/bearings aren’t the best quality.
  23. Don’t even think about power sliding on this board – just won’t happen.
  24. But it is as it says: “floater” and it’s fun to cruise on.
  25. Invest in some grip tape cleaner to keep this board looking new.
  26. I ordered the all black version of this pintail, and I instead got the black/white/orange version.

Buy here $164.99

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

  1. With no flex, the Drop Down is capable of achieving high speed and is perfect for Downhill riding.
  2. Drop-Down longboards are wide boards, which have, as the name suggest, and curved drop down between the nose and tail.
  3. These longboards are perfect for individuals who are looking to learn to dance, lean, weave, or slide.
  4. This longboard is unique in that the deck is lower at the center than where the trucks are mounted.
  5. This lowers your center of gravity giving you more stability at greater speeds making it great for speed-boarding.
  6. This longboard can handle very high speeds without wobbles (you won’t get ANY wobbles if you are somewhat experienced).
  7. Like i said this board can handle a lot of speed, I clocked in at 35 mph without any problems or wobbles!
  8. The design looks great in real life and didn’t have any bubbles or defects in the design.
  9. I’ve had this board for over a year now and it still works great.
  10. I’ve ridin this in rain and in snow, it’s still going with no problems and no rusting!
  11. The only problem you may encounter, which is VERY minor, is that you may need to replace the bearings on this board.
  12. The stock bearings aren’t so great but they work completely fine.
  13. But to really get more speed you might want to replace the bearings as i did.
  14. It’s great for beginners and a good board for higher skilled people too!<
  15. Before you go buying a brand name board which is what I normally do.
  16. I’m going to keep this one until I run into the ground because the board construction is very solid and I love the shape.
  17. The trucks are okay too and will do the job and until they break.
  18. Again I recommend buying bones Reds bearings and a medium skateboard bushings when you buy this setup now.
  19. IF you wait your only impeding on learning because they really are such a big difference.
  20. You will not be disappointed in fact you’ll be totally stoked.
  21. IN every other review it says that you will want to replace the bearings and bushings and bones are the most inexpensive while being an all around industry standard.
  22. Had to tune it out of the box a bit but over all not bad to ride.
  23. The bearings are a little bleh but I bought the board as and E-board conversion.
  24. Having never riden a Long Board before, and having very little time on a regular deck (when I was a kid) this was easy to get the hang of.
  25. If your young old or in between this board will do the trick.
  26. I will be buying more boards in the future from Yocaher.
  27. We wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful summer weather and wanted to spend time with one another so we bought a pair of these boards.
  28. I’m a pretty hefty guy, about 6 feet, and was worried if this would support my weight.
  29. I did a bunch of research before I purchased and kept coming back to this board.
  30. Everything I read said this was a great board for someone my size.
  31. After using it for the past few months I definitely agree!
  32. On arrival the kingpins were both overtightened, all of the wheels were overtightened to the trucks to the point where significant force was required to loosen the nut, partially stripping a few sides of the nuts, and 2 wheels were stuck to the trucks morphing the bearings and rendering 2 of them completely broken and useless, and both spacers were on the same side of the wheel for all wheels.
  33. So if I want a replacement I would have to send everything back just to get a couple replacement bearings that could be bought for a few dollars at most.
  34. We ended up replacing the wheels and bearings as the the ones that came with it were just okay.
  35. Replaced with Bones Reds and Sector 9 Top Shelf Nine Balls Skateboard Wheels.
  36. I ordered the natural wood one and it came with awesome red, 78a, 70x52mm wheels (perfect for cruising and getting some speed) and generic black trucks.
  37. The deck is so wide and since it dips down it locks your feet in.
  38. Had this for over two months now and its still running perfectly.
  39. I came down a couple hills with my trucks pretty loose and got no speed wobble.
  40. Other reviewers keep saying to replace the stock Abec 7’s with REDS but I have to say that the Abecs were fine.
  41. If you’re deciding whether to get this longboard or not, you should order it right now!!<
  42. Replaced the barrerings and the push distance doubled so Id recommend doing that.
  43. But it isn’t for beginners, this board is meant to go fast.
  44. With bonez red bearings and gumball wheels it makes for a great board for a experienced rider.
  45. It feels solid and gives me a good balanced feeling while riding.

Buy here $69.99


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