Alpen Gaudi -Alpen Space Bob VPE Steering Slide Black

Alpen Gaudi  Alpen Space Bob VPE Steering slide black sled

"On to the snowstorm!" is it from now on with the black Alps Space Bob.

The easy processing makes a particularly fast descent possible.

The Alpen Gaudi Lenkschlitten offers space for one person, whereby the maximum weight of 50kg should not be exceeded.

With a metal handlebar you will experience an optimal tracking behavior.

The center brake provides a robust steel claw for maximum and fast braking power. You can pull the steering slide behind you with a pull rope with a plastic handle.
-Steering slide for children

Load capacity: 50kg
-1 seat
-Metal steering rod
-Steel claws for maximum braking force
-Pulling rope with plastic handle
-Dimensions (LxWxH): 100 x 54 x 28 cm -Material: HDPE Kunstsoff

Brand: Alpengaudi

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