Anon Hawkeye Snowboard Goggles White / Silver Amber

Anon Hawkeye Snowboard Goggles White / Silver Amber goggles

The Anon Hawkeye is a snowboard goggles with replaceable strap and ventilation channels against fogging.

The Anon Hawkeye faceplate is made from three-layer hypoallergenic molded foam.

With the Hawkeye with white frame and silver mirrored glass you are well equipped on the slopes.

The spherical glass gives you the best view, while the lightweight TPU frame ensures the highest wearing comfort. In bright sunshine, the Silver Amber glass is best because it allows little radiation through. In poor visibility, you can use the Amber glass, because it allows plenty of light through, but is still 100% UV-safe.
-Frame: White tt> -Slice: Silver Amber, protection level S2, 35% translucency, mirrored
-Interchangeable glass: amber, protection level S1, light transmittance 55%
-Including storage bag
-Spherical disc
-Three-layer foam edge
-Ventilation ducts against fogging
-Lightweight TPU frame
-93 mm frame height

Brand: Anon

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