Anon M2 Snowboard Goggles Black / Red Solex

Anon M2 Snowboard Goggles Black / Red Solex goggles

The M2 is a ski goggles with revolutionary technologies that provide optimal fit and all-round visibility.

With 16 individually attached magnets, the disc can be changed easily.

An interchangeable glass for bad weather, soft case and a bag are included.

Thanks to triple foam padding you are offered a super comfortable wearing comfort.

The 96mm TPU frame is helmet compatible.

The model M2 by Anon has a spherical disc.

This gives you through their special construction a better view and your eyes do not have to work so hard. The slight wading makes the field of vision clearer and clearer. In addition, the disc has an anti-fog coating for anti-fog around the clock.
-Frame: Black
-Disc: Red Solex, protection level S2, light transmittance 25%, for sunny conditions
-Replacement disc: Blue Lagoon, protection level S1, light transmittance 80%, for poor visibility
-Magna Tech: magnetic disc
-Spharische disc against distortion
-Integral Clarity Tech for Crystal Clear View
-Full Perimeter Channel Venting: Ventilation ducts against fogging
-Three-ply foam edge
-Non-slip strap
-IncludedSoftcase and storage bag

Brand: Anon

Anon M2 Goggles

Anon M2 Goggles
  1. Really well designed magnetic lenses and frames can be interchanged in seconds to suit high glare and overcast conditions.
  2. I’ve based my rating on my son, whom they were a gift for.
  3. And the magnetic quick swap of the lenses is super convienient; its the one thing you never think you’ll need until you have it.
  4. The lenses are the easiest thing to change, but hold on nicely and I don’t feel they will pop off during a fall.
  5. You can literally pop one lens off and throw the other lens at your face and get it to line up and secure.
  6. The only thing “bad” is that the new m2 model comes with a magnetic mask and you can wear glasses under the newest model, but those are not big issues for me.
  7. The magnetic lenses are super easy to swap out for different lighting.
  8. This particular model has a shorter snap back strap that is made to be worn under a helmet and has limited adjustment.
  9. This is not a huge deal but makes putting the goggles up on my helmet impossible.
  10. The magnetic connectivity is great, interchangeability feature of the lenses is very neat, but they don’t cover the most important feature, resistance to fogging.
  11. Both lenses (low light and tinted) fogged up on me to the point where I became so frustrated I’ve actually switched back to my old goggles.
  12. I really wanted to like these, especially given the huge field of view, but now I’m left with goggles I’ll never use again.
  13. On the mountain I had to switch from my darker tinted lenses to the brighter and it was really easy.
  14. Has spare lens, is perfect for daylight and intensive sunlight.
  15. I highly recommend it and will update the review as we get it to the intensive usage.
  16. Premium snow goggles and awesome plug in-out lens system.
  17. Really easy to switch lenses because of the magnetic capability!
Buy here $239.95

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