Anon M2 Snowboard Goggles Red Light / Red Solex

Anon M2 Snowboard Goggles Red Light / Red Solex goggles

The Anon M2 is a helmet-compatible, anti-fog and non-slip snowboard goggles whose lenses can be changed in no time depending on the visibility -thanks to magnetic technology. You use the Red Solex disc for sunny light conditions, so that little radiation can penetrate to you and you always keep the perspective. You can use the Red Ice disc in poorer visibility, because it lets a lot of radiation through.

The Anon M2 is a ski goggle with optimal fit thanks to triple foam padding. The cut of the glasses ensures you a distortion-free view even at the edges of the field of vision.

For a gentle storage of glasses and replacement disc is included in the delivery of a sturdy soft case with zipper and a thin microfiber bag.

-Slice: Red Solex, 25% light transmittance, for sunny conditions

-Interchangeable disc: Red Ice, protection level S1, light transmittance 80%, for poor visibility

-Helmet compatible

-Silicone coating inside the band

-Extra Softcase

-Microfiber storage bag

-Adjustable headband with Anon logo

-Magna-Tech Technology

-3-layer foam padding

-All around,

-Very light

-High quality quality

Brand: Anon

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