Anon M2 Snowboard Goggles Sheldon / Dark Smoke

Anon M2 Snowboard Goggles Sheldon / Dark Smoke goggles

The model M2 by Anon convinces with a crystal-clear view, which does not distort even at the edges. So you have everything in the periphery of the eye angle everything in view and increases the safety on the slopes. In addition, the mirrored glass has an anti-fog coating for anti-fog around the clock.

The M2 is a ski goggles with revolutionary technologies that provide optimal fit and all-round visibility.

With 16 individually attached magnets, the disc can be changed easily.

An interchangeable glass for bad weather, soft case and a bag are included. Thanks to triple foam padding you are offered a super comfortable wearing comfort.

The 96mm TPU frame is helmet compatible.

-Frame: Sheldon

-Disc: Dark Smoke, protection level S4, light transmittance 8%, for sunny conditions

-Replacement disc: Blue Lagoon, protection level S1, light transmittance 80%, for poor visibility

-Magna Tech: magnetic disc

-Spharische disc against distortion

-Integral Clarity Tech for Crystal Clear View

-Full Perimeter Channel Venting: Ventilation ducts against fogging

-Three-ply foam edge

-Non-slip strap

-IncludedSoftcase and storage bag

Brand: Anon

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