Anon M3 MFI Goggles With Ski Mask Circle Camo / Sonar Green

Anon M3 MFI goggles with ski mask Circle Camo / Sonar Green goggles

The anon M3 combines everything you expect from a pair of goggles: it comes with two mirrored glaziers that can be changed in no time, a super lightweight frame, a magnetic ski mask and accessories in the form of a soft case and a microfibre sack.

The camouflage style is also an evergreen transforms your ski outfit into something very special.

The M3 by anon is equipped with two special glaziers, which were developed by Carl Zeiss Jena for the needs of winter sports. The lenses increase the contrast detection and improve the perception of dimensions and colors. So you are safe on the slopes and can assess potential dangers even better.

Thanks to MFI technology, you can magnetically connect your M3 with the included ski mask.

This happens seamlessly over four magnetic points on the glasses and their counterparts on the edge of the face mask. Depending on the weather and your level of effort, you can remove or attach your mask with one click -also intuitively with gloves.

-Ski goggles with magnetic ski mask and secondary disc

-Frame: Circle Camo

-Glass: Sonar Green, 23% light transmittance, protection level S2, for medium light conditions

-Interchangeable lens: Sonar Infrared, 57% light transmittance, protection level S1, for poor visibility


> -Wall To Wall Vision: extra wide field of vision

-OTG: compatible with optical glasses

-Cylindrically shaped lens against distortion

-Non-slip strap

-Three-layered foamRand

-Integral Clarity Tech for Crystal Clear View

-Ventilation ducts

-TPU frame, 93 mm

-Soft Case Storage Box

-Micro fiber cloth

Brand: Anon

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