Anon MFI Lightweight Neckwarmer Skully Black Magnetic Ski Mask

Anon MFI Lightweight Neckwarmer Skully Black magnetic ski mask Ski masks Tucher

The Lightweight ski mask is compatible with anon’s M2, M3, MIG, Circuit and Relapse glasses, and combines with one click to protect you from external impact.
-Ski mask with magnets
-Compatible with M2, M3, MIG, Circuit and Relapse
-Perforated opening in the front area
-Fit: Relaxed Fit
-Material: 93% Polyester, 7% Elastane
-There is no ski goggles included!

Anon. 2016 Mfi – Magnetic Facemask Integration

Explore The Perfect Solution For Protecting Your Face And Keeping Your Goggles Fog-Free At Artist: Tatsuya

Burton MFI Lightweight Neck Warmer

Burton MFI Lightweight Neck Warmer
    Buy here $39.95

    Anon M2 MFI Goggles

    Anon M2 MFI Goggles
    1. Anon helmets are also backed by a two-year crash replacement policy.
    2. Quick Lens Change System uses magnets to hold lens in place making swaps a breeze SONAR Technology by ZEISS Optics provides enhance contrast allowing you to see more information about snow conditions Included MFI Facemask attaches seamlessly and easily to google using magnets Maybe we dont know how magnets work but they work for you with the Anon M2 Snow Goggle Thats because it features an MFI Facemask which uses magnets to give you gap free coverage every time Plus theres Magna Tech?
    3. The quick lens change is amazing along with the overall quality of the goggles and items included.
    4. The magnetic face mask is also very convenient and looks sick with the sonar Silver lens.
    5. My grandma brought this from US to me and now i can’t change it.
    6. It came with two weak lenses that are not good for sun.
    7. The description clearly states Anon M2 Playboy edition and I received the Anon M2 Undefeated edition.
    Buy here $201.14

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