Anon Relapse Snowboard Goggles Supernova / Blue Cobalt

Anon Relapse Snowboard Goggles Supernova / Blue Cobalt goggles

With the Anon Relapse, you get a pair of goggles including an interchangeable lens, so that you are just as rough for bright sunshine as you are for bad visibility in fog and snowfall.

The Integral Clarity Technology ensures a crystal-clear view and the cylindrically shaped glass gives you a distortion-free appearance, especially at the edge of the field of view.

An anti-fog coating and ventilation ducts help against fogging. The three-ply foam edge not only provides the best wearing comfort, it is also flatter than other Anon ski goggles, so that the glasses are even closer to the face and you have the best view with the low-profile frame.

This is made of very lightweight TPU -you will hardly notice that you are wearing a snowboard goggle, but are well protected against external influences.

-Snowboard goggles with replacement disc for poor visibility

-Framework: Supernova

-Glass: Blue Cobalt, protection level S4, 6% light transmittance, for sunny conditions

-Interchangeable disc: amber, protection level S1, light transmittance 55%, for poor visibility

-Extra-thin 3-ply foam edge and low-profile frame for better visibility

-Lightweight TPU frame, 93mm high

-Over The Glasses: compatible with optical glasses

-Cylindrical shaped glass for distortion-free view -Ventilation ducts against fogging

-Integral Clarity Technology for Crystal Clear View

-Storage bag

Brand: Anon

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