Arbor Relapse Snowboard 2016

Arbor Relapse Snowboard 2016 snowboards

This board is for all riders who swore on traditional camber construction with preload. Because if we are honest, this construction works best when it matters.

With the Relapse from Arbor you get a stable and lively snowboard in the mid-soft flex area.

The Arbor Relapse is a dependable freestyle snowboard with medium-soft flex that has enough edge hold for snow-carves and neat pop to kicker and rail drive.

The continuous poplar wood core with an extra fiberglass layer makes the board durable and stable. The extruded base is fast and robust at the same time, it is also easy to clean and does not need to be waxed too often. So if you prefer a properly built snowboard with preload, wood core, fiberglass, and 360 ° steel edge, then let’s put the Arbor Relapse to your heart.
-Application: Freestyle / Park / Rails
-Flex: Medium -Soft Flex
-Stance: Centered
-Inserts: 4×2 -14 Pack
-Edges: 360 Rails
-Construction: Camber -Panhead Tips
-The camber construction with traditional bias gives you a powerful ride, pop and responsiveness. Parabolic profiling makes the board a bit flatter at the contact points, preventing the edges from digging too deep into the snow.

The Panhead Nose Tail Shapes offer classic freestyle performance.
-Shape: Twin Tip
-The twin shape ensures the exact same driving performance in both directions.
-Core: Single Malt Core
-The solid wood core of poplar wood is reliable and ensures long-lasting durability.

Furthermore, the wood is from sustainable cultivation and protects the environment.
-Fiberglass: Biax Glassing
-The stable fiberglass layer has been developed for piste and parkriding. It provides a healthy platform for All Mountain Riding.
-Base: Extruded
-The extruded base is fast, easy to care for and less prone to attack.
-Construction element: Standard Ash Power Ply Top
-The elaborately processed wood topsheet works like an additional layer of fiberglass, only it looks much more stylish and made of natural materials. It adds extra power and durability to the board. Medium Width: Boardlength -25.15 cm (155cm)
-25.90 cm (155cm) Mid Wide
-25.30 cm (158cm)
-26th10 cm (159cm) Mid Wide
Rider Weight: Board length -52-83 kg (155cm)
-53-89 kg (155cm) Mid Wide
-53-92 kg (158cm)
-55-95 kg -(159cm) Mid Wide

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Product Link: Guf raps about the all new 2016 Relapse

Arbor CLOVIS Snowboard

Arbor CLOVIS Snowboard
    Buy here $499.95

    Arbor DRAFT Snowboard

    Arbor DRAFT Snowboard
    1. In translation, riders get a seamless turn initiation, better float in powder, and more fluid spins and slides.
    2. Parabolic Rocker – The System utilizes rocker profiles created using the parabolic arc, which progressively reduces the amount of rocker toward the tip and tail of a snowboard.
    3. This creates low, more effective profiles and ensures the outside contact points are close enough to the snow to engage when maximum performance is required: higher speeds, loaded turns, and bigger landings.
    4. SHAPE True Twin – Symmetrical in all aspects, true twin boards are ideal for freestyle riding environments.
    5. Flathead Tips – Provides more surface area for butter, ollies, and nollies.
    6. A softer flex makes this the ideal freestlye specific weapon for park and street.
    7. The super blunt tips add massive amounts of surface area for pressing and butters with improved ollies and landing gear.
    Buy here $309.95 – $399.95

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