Asics FuzeX Tight Men’s Running Performance Black

asics fuzeX Tight Mens Running Performance Black

The Asics FuzeX Tight Men's Running Pants allow your skin to breathe during the sport, reduce moisture and keep you dry.

The Asics MotionDry technology ensures a balanced temperature and thanks to the stretch material the fuzeX Tight accompanies every movement and gives you absolute freedom of movement. So that you can not be overlooked, the running pants have reflective applications.

A small stowage possibility offers the Gesa? Bag with hidden zipper.

-Men's running pants


-Stretch material

-Elastic waistband

-Hip bag with zipper

-Reflective applications

-ASICS MotionDry Technology

-Main material: 84% polyamide, 16% spandex


-High wearing comfort

Brand: asics

Asics Men'S Leg Balance Tight

Balanced and supported performance Enhance your running performance with Core Balance and Leg Balance technology Support

Asics Men's Team Medley Tights

Asics Men's Team Medley Tights

  1. Due to prior reviews, I made sure to order a size larger than I would normally wear, and I still wasn't prepared for how difficult it would be to get them over my hips.
  2. Other than the very narrow waist band, they are great and I plan to use them while exercising.
  3. The order was for a men's large which should be a 36-38" waist.
  4. As for the product - I was concerned that the material was too thin, so the 1st time I wore skin-tight runners boxers underneath.
  5. Was completely unnecessary - they survived that climbing & crawling of a 14 mile obstacle run entirely intact.
  6. Also, the mud washes out of them (while you're still wearing them) much easier than the thicker underarmor versions, which was nice on this very cold day where it was just too cold to hose off much or fully change before driving.
  7. I plan to wear them on another run in the future - the birght color is great for running costumes!<
  8. Length wise they're a win, but the width in the waist and thighs leaves something to be desired.
  9. I'd offer going a size up if you are smaller or have larger thighs.
  10. They are comfortable and appear to be durable for the everyday workout!<
  11. I've been wearing leggings in one form or another since the 80's, and these are by far the worst I've ever owned.
  12. Haven't had them 2 whole months yet and already damaged.
  13. They're super thin and nearly see-through to begin with, and the stitching is terrible.
  14. I have several pairs by various manufacturers which all have basically the same care instructions.
  15. While putting them on, I hear a pop, and the leg seam just above the ankle cuff has a three inch tear in it, just from putting them on.
  16. You'd have better luck, comfort, and versatility if you wrap yourself in tissue paper instead.
  17. Looking cool is the only thing these leggings are good for, if you can keep them together!<
  18. I live in the south and wear these spring, summer, and fall.
  19. The UA tights at a very little thicker "Heat Gear" not by much.
  20. It may be because of the flatlock side seams in the back and hip area.
  21. I love how cool it keeps you and it doesn't slide of the body.
  22. Can be arguable if it gives you a little advantage in grappling.
  23. If you are self conscious about that, I recommend to skip.
  24. Red medium has a tiny little waistband that does not stretch enough to get on.
  25. It's the same product, same material, same stitching, and supposedly the same size.
  26. Update: I tried putting on the red again and a couple of threads popped in the waist.
  27. It's a shame I had to break the product for it to work.
  28. For fashion, they are about the best looking tights you can get.
  29. They only add a little warmth so are only good in very mild weather, spring or early fall.
  30. I have the royal blue and color is exactly as pictured.
  31. You could probably use them in warmer weather as a sun blocker.
  32. It fits tight just the way I think compression pants should.

Buy here $8.98 - $45.95

ASICS Men's Team Medley Tight

ASICS Men's Team Medley Tight

  1. Flat lock seams provide aerodynamic comfort, while elastic ankle grippers and an elastic drawstring waistband optimize fit.
  2. I got a 2XL because of other reviews saying how small the sizing runs.
  3. The waist was more like a medium, but the legs and length of the legs were baggy/long.
  4. Not only was the sizing way off, but when I removed them from the plastic baggie they were sealed in, I immediately saw loose threads.
  5. Upon further inspection, I noticed the threading in the waistband was unraveled in several places (see attached images).
  6. Length wasn't too bad - I'm used to having legs a little short.
  7. I'm 6'3", 180 lbs with a 34" waist and 33" inseam for jeans.
  8. They're very light weight and very stretchy with no crotch padding.
  9. Perfect to wear over my regular bike shorts when the temperature is in the high 50s to low 60s here in sunny southern California.
  10. I didn't not realize just how synthetic these are, they almost like windbreaker track pants mixed with compression/yoga attire.
  11. The small size fit me just right with a normal 28x32 pant size, with a 4 inch ankle reveal about my socks.
  12. So a 6 inch ankle reveal from the floor to the bottom of the pants, to let your shoes breath no matter the height of your shoes.
  13. As noted in another review, the elastic grip inside of the ankle bands is a very sticky rubber that has some serious grip, it does not pull my ankle hair since I just hiked the pants up then slide them back down.
  14. I ordered these recently so I could have a pair of thermal tights to keep my legs warm during the winter/fall months.
  15. I wear a size 30 in jeans and I though that these would be loose on me.
  16. They fit me perfectly and I have comfortable crotch space while running.
  17. I'm please with my order and will continue ordering my running gear from Asics.
  18. The length was perfect, but the waist was not even close to large.
  19. I'm a skinny guy and it was tough to get the waist past my thighs.
  20. Unless this individual pair was defective, ASICS has something to learn about sizing.
  21. I'm concerned to buy an XL, because the length may be too long.
  22. I wear them whenever I am running and it is cold outside.
  23. They also go great under shorts or under running pants depending on how cold the weather is.
  24. They also hold up really well as long as you don't dry them.
  25. He is 5'7" and about 110 lbs and the small fit perfectly.
  26. Needed for a Halloween costume that I wasn't able to complete.
  27. The waistband of these tights was 2" smaller than the Attitude shorts and had less stretch.

Buy here $14.95 - $45.95

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