Asics GT-2000 5 Women’s Running Shoes Diva Blue / Wht / Aqua Splash

asics GT 2000 5 Womens Running Shoes Diva Blue / Wht / Aqua Splash

The GT-2000 5 is a women's running shoe brand asics.

This model is made for overpronators, i. especially for runners whose feet unwinds inside.

His multiple award-winning innovations make him the perfect shoe, especially over long distances.

To protect your joints this shoe has the Fuidride technology, an innovative midsole technology which creates a resilient damping.

To run safely in the dark or in the dusk, 3M Reflective was processed.

This material reflects and ensures the necessary safety.

-Women's Running Shoe

-Category: Run Long / Structured Cushioning

-Material: Synthetic

-Pronation: overpronation

-The pronation is the way the foot? rolls sideways between landing and impression.

At overpronation the foot rolls? inside.

-Guidance Trusstic

-This innovative high-tech element spans your outsole to make your midfoot? stable and safe. In addition, it supports an efficient running style and step cycle.

-Light AHAR Sponge

-A durable rubber is integrated into critical areas of the outsole to keep your shoes longer.

And it gives you more vapor for the foot?


-An extremely hard rubber that provides extra grip and durability on critical areas of the outsole.

-Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning System

-This gel system absorbs the strong shocks over the entire foot area.


-Innovative midsole technology that creates a springy damping.

For better Hochstleistungen.

-Dynamic Duomax

-A midsole revolutionary support system: it is positioned to correct your stride and prevent excessive footrolling of the foot.

-3M Reflective

-A reflective material provides safety and visibility even in the dark.

-Guidance Line

-A flex notch under the sole provides an efficient pacing cycle.

-Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.) -Every part of the shoe helps to guide your steps and supports your natural running style from landing to imprint

-Comfordry Sockliner

-A removable insole, which acts as a steaming sock with antibacterial effect, thus the foot. stays dry and healthy with every run.

-Heel Clutching System

-The heel cup provides, like an outer skeleton, additional support and a perfect fit.

Brand: asics

ASICS Women's Gt-2000 5 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's Gt-2000 5 Running Shoe

  1. Guidance Trusstic System Technology: This Trusstic System integrates Guidance Line construction for enhanced gait efficiency while providing midfoot structural integrity.
  2. An added stitch-down toecap enhances durability and forefoot support.
  3. Let me say first off that I feel in love with the brand Asics after breaking two bones in my ankle.
  4. When going through rehabilitation my physical therapist and sister both recommended them.
  5. They helped me feel comfortable and stable and thus led me falling in love with them.
  6. I have owned dozens of Asics as I walk/run around 15 miles a week and need some good foot gear.
  7. The back near the ankle wore out and gave me a horrible blister.
  8. Although I purchased this towards the end of July I did not begin using them until late September and by Nov 5th I could no longer wear them without suffering from a blister.
  9. I have a somewhat wide foot and wore several Asics models of running shoes for decades, but once they narrowed their shoes I was no longer able to wear them.
  10. However, they have now added a 2E to some models like this one and it fits perfectly.
  11. My foot is not 2E wide (usually a D), but I'm glad to be wearing Asics again.
  12. I love the GT-2000 series and these colors are really cute.
  13. They will probably get better once they're broken in and right now I've only worn mine three times.
  14. I'm used to wearing the kayanos because I love the cushiony gel and the support for running and training but I switched when asics changed the fit of the 22s and 23s.
  15. I'm happy with the GTs though and I do recommend them if you liked kayano.
  16. I tried this shoe on in a brick and mortar store to make sure of fit.
  17. This shoe itself seem well made, good arch support and color true to picture.
  18. I'm not an athlete, I don't like running, I have a deskjob but I have a heel spur and morton's neuroma.
  19. The Kinsei 6 is too narrow for my neuroma but is ok lenghtwise.
  20. The lenght of the sneaker is ok for me, it's not too long.
  21. I have wide feet and I would recommend people with morton's neuroma to buy Extra Wide.
  22. For the heel spur, this GT-2000 is fine and better priced than the Kayano.
  23. I have worn this model of shoe for years, and have never had a sizing problem until now.
  24. I compared the insole of this pair with the insole of an older pair of 8D's, and they are exactly the same size (confirming to me that the sizing changed).
  25. Even with that, this model still feels narrower through the forefoot than before.
  26. The plastic logo on the sides also covers more surface area than years past, making them much less breathable.
  27. I don't know, but I am disappointed that I can't buy my favorite shoes anymore.
  28. I was in debate over size for a while because of mixed reviews regarding width, the box etc.
  29. I'm a significant pronator (anckle collapses inward and arch flattens which causes issues).
  30. I switched away from Brooks because harder to find in decent colors.
  31. I’m normally a size 7 shoe but I had to order a half size larger (7.5).
  32. I have a small bunion and the toe base on the wide ran very narrow compared to other brand shoes.i had to reorder bigger and wider.
  33. I’ve used them for training and to run many 1/2 marathons and a full marathon in them.

Buy here $43.99 - $189.00

ASICS Women's GT-2000 5 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's GT-2000 5 Running Shoe

  1. The extra support on the arch is helping her walk without rolling her foot in.
  2. I'm going to say it's more my kid than quality as I wear ASICS and they last for years for me.
  3. While it DID feel cozy and fit like a glove while sitting or walking, the toe box just wasn't wide enough during running (despite ordering a wide and a 1/2 size up), and there wasn't enough cushioning under the toe box.
  4. I was feeling a slight metatarsal discomfort with each foot stride.
  5. Theses shoes run about a 1/2 size smaller than my other ones.
  6. They are slightly tighter in the toe box and fit narrow feet slightly (or ones with less lift) better.
  7. They are not a cushioned as the previous ones I’ve boughten and much less cushioned than the kayano.
  8. I’m not sure if the stiffness works for them or against them at this point.
  9. I haven’t walked and ran enough miles to tell how good or bad this shoe works.
  10. They fit the same as my 3000's and seem to be working well for running so far.
  11. Overall, I am pleased with the shoes but disappointed not to be able to have my favorite shoes.
  12. I researched online for the best cushioned shoe other important factors.
  13. I bought this shoe because they were highly rated in an article.
  14. The shoe is of very good quality and prettier in person than in the picture.
  15. I was sad that when they arrived, even though I ordered the wide, the shoes were still too narrow.
  16. They are consistent in there sizing, which i truly appreciate.
  17. These shoes already have a hole in them on the inside near the heel.
  18. I have pronated feet and these do a great job supporting my feet.

Buy here $62.96 - $120.00

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