Asics Roadhawk FF Men’s Running Shoes Black / Hot Orange

asics Roadhawk FF Mens Running Shoes Black / Hot Orange

The Roadhawk FF is the newest running weapon from the successful company asics.

This new model has been developed with the latest innovations and insights.

The semi-mono-skirt design makes it easy to put on and take off the shoe and the combination of breathable mesh upper and Ortholite insole ensures a cool, healthy environment for your feet. It is light and responsive thanks to the full Flytefoam midsole.

The design of this midsole features the groundbreaking midsole foam FlyteFoam. This is 55% lighter than it is in the industry standard. Its biofibres allow the Roadhawk FF to spring back to its original shape for perfect steaming, from the start to the finish of your run.
-Category: Running / Cushioning
-Material: Synthetic
-Pronation: Neutral
-8mm blast
-Half Monosock
-Ortholite insole
-Jacquard mesh
-Flytefoam midsole
-New fixation on the strips

ASICS T7D2N Men’s Roadhawk FlyteFoam Running Shoe

ASICS T7D2N Men's Roadhawk FlyteFoam Running Shoe
  1. Our Roadhawk FF™ model will help you boldly take to the road–and fly.
  2. I like the thickness of the Flytefoam and feel as if I’ll be able to put a lot of miles on the shoe.
  3. If I had to give a slight negative, I’d say the lace bridge is a little tight, however, I’ve only had them for a few days and that area might stretch.
  4. Although the total heel height of the Roadhawk is higher than the Excel, the drop is less (8mm vs.
  5. There are two significant differences for me (after going through three pairs of the Excel): The toe box of the Roadhawk is narrower, which is okay because I have a narrow foot.
  6. For those with wider feet, however, this could be a problem.
  7. The comfort of the knit upper and subtlety of the logo treatment are positives for me.
  8. The same size Roadhawk seems a little shorter, but it is not a significant difference.
  9. Overall, the Roadhawk is okay, but I can’t give it a 5-star rating.
Buy here $42.95 – $110.00

Asics Roadhawk Ff Performance Review

The ASICS RoadHawk FF running shoe gets two thumbs up from us. Finally, a shoe from ASICS we can rally behind. This is a super

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