Asics Tiger Gel-Movimentum Women’s Sneakers Mid Gray / Silver

Asics Tiger Gel Movimentum Womens Sneakers Mid Gray / Silver Sneaker Low

The new GEL-Movimentum of the Japanese sporting goods manufacturer was originally developed for Nelli Cooman. She was two times world champion in the 60m hall sprint.

Now you too can benefit from the great design and the high-quality workmanship.

Thanks to a GEL technology, the sneaker from Asics provides you with a pleasant damping and optimal impact protection. In addition, the brand-typical stripes on the inside and outside of the shoe shine in silver.

This harmonises well with the gray mesh and leather bows and is also very trendy. Because: Silver is the new gold.
-Ladies Sneaker
-ASICS Stripe Design
-6-hole string system
-Mesh for ventilation
-GEL technology
-Narrow midsole
-Rubber sole
-Material: leather / textile
-Lining: Textile

Brand: asicsTiger

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Fashion Sneaker

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Fashion Sneaker
  1. The enhanced stability of this shoe is created by the revolutionized outsole design, providing the runner with optimal traction and shock absorption.
  2. Since 1949, Onitsuka Tiger has created stylish sports products inspired by the Japanese values of craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  3. They fit as expected and I wear them all day with no problems whatsoever.
  4. I bought the mens size 7 to fit my womens size 8/8.5 foot.
  5. If you buy these just for everyday wearing you can expect them to last almost forever.
  6. This shoe is perfect because it is practical while still looking nice enough to wear on an everyday basis.
  7. Being a Parkour / Freerunning athlete the Onitsuka Tiger has become a staple in the community.
  8. These shoes have amazing grip on all surfaces from wood, concrete/rock, and metal.
  9. I have personally owned 3 different pairs of Onitsuka tigers in various colors because I love them so much!<
  10. If you’re not doing a lot of walking they are probably fine.
  11. If you walk a lot like me, you will not do so in comfort in these, and they tend to fall apart rather quickly.
  12. The rubber on the heel and ball of the foot wear through quite quick, and my big toe pops through the fabric on each foot fairly reliably.
  13. While I’ve enjoyed their fit (although they run small and I had to reorder a half size up from my usual) and found them light and stylish, they have begun to fall apart surprisingly fast, far more quickly than any other pair of sneakers I have ever owned.
  14. This fact leads me to believe that some other reviewers might be right in guessing that they could be counterfeit.
  15. I’ve owned Asics previously and always found them to be very durable.
  16. I estimate that I’ve worn them about 3 times a week in that time, so I’ve worn them approximately 75 times.
  17. It has not worn through, rather the adhesive between the lower, black sole of the sneaker and the cushiony, white midlayer no longer holds the layers together.
  18. I’ve owned all kinds of sneakers for years without ever experiencing this particular problem.
  19. I don’t think I’ve EVER had a pair of sneakers fail in this way.
  20. Having owned and worn them as little as I have so far I have to say that I’m really disappointed, and overall surprised at the failure in durability.
  21. The light weight and nylon/mesh uppers remind me of shoes I wore as a kid, when those features were common with sneakers.
  22. They’re like a minimalist shoe, but are probably more comfortable then most true minimalist shoes, because they do have a little cushion to them.
  23. The arch support is decent and better then expected, but I didn’t expect it to be great.
  24. I love that they’re light and airy, without much support, lift or cushion.
  25. It feels almost like you’re barefoot, unlike some popular sneakers that feel like your walking on a piece of hard rubber.
  26. I bought a 13 because my feet measure as such, and the shoes had almost too much room.
  27. I would suggest a size down, a half size should work for some though.
  28. The shoe is super comfortable and light, and besides the fit I love it and it lasted over a year of heavy use.
  29. Great for active people, walking, bike riding, or just hangin around the hosue.
  30. The price makes it worth it, and the shoe is vegan is you are into that sort of thing.
  31. I love that they’re unisex so I can get them in a range of colors.
  32. I wear them for work and sometimes for light running/exercise and they are incredibly comfortable.
  33. I’ve worn a brand new pair to Disneyland, standing in long lines and walking all over the park for hours.
  34. Of course your feet will hurt a little, but at the end of the day when you take off your shoes, my feet didn’t feel like it needed to be soaked in a tub of ice.
  35. I’ve only encounter an issue with sizing twice when purchasing these shoes.
  36. These shoes are worth a little trouble in finding your right size.
  37. One of my favorite styles when it comes to Onitsuka Tigers.
  38. The style I practice require a lots of foot works, pivoting, stepping, jumping and circle walk.
  39. I was looking for a dark veggie shoe to replace my Saucony, which wear out at the drop of a hat, not even 6 months!
  40. Super snug and great for true feel of your environment.
Buy here $44.95 – $100.41

Onitsuka Tiger Serrano Fashion Sneaker

Onitsuka Tiger Serrano Fashion Sneaker
  1. The heritage sneaker carries the tradition of the brand’s racing customs with its overall silhouette, which features a lightweight nylon upper and a spiked rubber outsole that mimics the spikes of a track and field shoe.
  2. Accenting the heel and toecap are the dual-overlay suede textures and a padded tongue and collar for maximum comfort in what used to be a high-performance track shoe for racing.
  3. For example the whole front part of this color is a thin mesh like material.
  4. You kind of feel like you could push your toe through it if you tried.
  5. It seems very weird to me to have different colors of the same shoe be so different in build.
  6. I will keep them and try to walk them in and hope hey stretch but I really had to put a lot of lace back into the links to make the show wearable at all.
  7. I have five pairs of different Tiger shoes now, three of the size 10s fit me perfectly.
  8. I ran cross country and track for years wearing ASICS – I currently use the Nimbus 15’s, and I generally wear New Balance for casual shoes.
  9. I wanted to try something different and came across the Onitsuka Tigers.
  10. I’m shocked with how light they are and still maintain decent sole padding.
  11. For example, they weigh less than my New Balance Minumus sneakers, yet they feel much more padded.
  12. They are a little narrow, like Nikes, so if you’re in between half sizes, go the half size up.
  13. I wouldn’t run in these, especially if you heel strike, due to the minimal cushion and low arch support.
  14. I don’t work out, so I didn’t want a pair of bulky cross-trainers or the elevated heel of a running sneaker.
  15. But I needed a sneaker for those occasions where flip flops or sandals just won’t cut it – going berry picking, walking thru the city of Las Vegas, throwing axes at Axe Monkey.
  16. Now, my husband says they don’t provide enough arch support for him.
  17. This is not a problem for me, since I have flat arches.
  18. Slim profile, so they don’t make your feet look gigantic.
  19. They don’t have a great arch because these shoes follow more of the barefoot running trend that I have grown to love.
  20. I actually used to have severe ankle injuries and foot cramps until training in minimalistic shoes like these.
  21. I like these shoes alot, with the exception that they do keep your toes pretty close together, not binding or anything, just really close like common shoes tend to.
  22. I usually prefer a larger toe profile so I can freely move my toes around inside the shoe like you can in merrel trailgloves, some newbalalnce minimus, and KO Zeros, that being said for the price, these are some pretty good shoes that don’t completely break bank!!<
  23. Although I have a very wide foot, these shoes seem to fit as expected every time I buy a pair.
  24. These particularly have lasted me for 3 months though and the soles have started to detach from the bottom of the shoe along with the tread starting to flatten out.
  25. I use these for casual wear at work which is an office job and when I get out of the house to run errands.
  26. They’ve served their purpose well, but I just thought they should have lasted a little longer like ASICS I’ve purchased in the past have.
  27. I was looking for a low-profile sneaker to wear with skinny jeans, workout leggings, skirts, etc.
  28. They are not designed for serious workouts (and the label clearly states this) but they are totally up to a brisk walk and are perfect for daily wear.
  29. I’ve owned one of my pairs for almost two years and they still look really good.
  30. Have a friend that has a pair that he’s owned for several years, and recently got resoled.
  31. I bought a pair in Vegas because I couldn’t walk another step in the shoes I had on.
  32. I always keep an eye out for them in my size (and get a lot of different colors).
Buy here $49.98 – $85.00

Asics Tiger Gel Kayano Trainer Knit Unboxing And On Feet Review (Tiger Knit)

ASICS Tiger have officially entered the Knit sneaker category with the GEL-Kayano. Unofficially called the Tiger Knit (or is that

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