Atomic Hawx Magna 100 Men’s Ski Boots Black / Lime

Atomic Hawx Magna 100 Mens Ski Boots Black / Lime ski boots

The Atomic Hawx Magna 100 is a popular mid-range ski boot from the Hawx Magna range with a wide fit.

With these ski boots, the legendary Hawx feeling can also be experienced with a 102 mm wide fit.

The Hawx Magna is the lightest ski boot in its class, packed with extras for wider feet, such as a simple step-in zone and a wide tongue. In addition, it has a medium flex for advanced skiers.

The Silver liner with 3M Thinsulate insulation keeps the feet warm and flexible.

And even in extreme cold and wet. A first class ski boot with a wide fit.

-Segment: All Mountain

-Hawx technology (wider fit)

-Flex Index: 100 (medium)

-Easy access

-PU Cuff / PU Shell

-40mm Velcro Strap

-6000 aluminum buckles

-Silver liner with 3M Thinsulate Platinum Insulation

Atomic Hawx Magna 100 Ski Boots 2018 - 31.5/Black-Lime

Atomic Hawx Magna 100 Ski Boots 2018 - 31.5/Black-Lime

  1. Atomic now offers their Hawx boot in three different widths with the Magna version being the widest of the bunch.
  2. It has a 102 mm forefoot width, which accommodates pretty wide feet and also works well for skiers who just want to maximize comfort and aren't concerned with a super precise fit.
  3. For those with wider feet this boot allows you to benefit from the performance of the Hawx without needing to do a whole bunch of custom work to the boot.
  4. If you do end up doing some custom work, however, it will be much easier for your boot fitter compared to traditional boots thanks to Atomic's Memory Fit technology.
  5. The liner, shell, and upper cuff can all be custom molded in minutes simply by heating them to a certain temperature.
  6. You do need to visit a boot fitter for this procedure, but it's much quicker and far less expensive than traditional custom boot fitting.
  7. The Hawx also allows you to customize the forward lean and flex.
  8. You can choose between 13, 15, or 17 degree forward lean and tweak the flex index either up or down 10 points.
  9. Between the fit and performance adjustments this is a very customizable boot.
  10. Fit great, I have wide forefoot, narrower heel, but a US15/EU50 foot.
  11. Seriously, finding shoes in my size is nearly impossible.

Buy here $319.99

Atomic Hawx Magna 100 Ski Boot 2018

Atomic Hawx Magna 100 Ski Boot 2018

  1. This series means you can get the legendary Hawx feel and features in a boot with a 102mm fit.
  2. It’s the lightest boot in its class and packed with features purpose-built for wider feet like the easy step-in zone and a wide tongue.
  3. And the Silver liner features 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation to keep your feet warm and responsive even in extremely cold and damp conditions.
  4. A great wide-fit boot – and most importantly, a great Hawx.

Buy here $279.99 - $399.99

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