Atomic Vantage X 75 CTI Ski  XT 12 binding

For those who are not satisfied with the piste, Atomic has exactly the right model.

We are talking about the new Atomic Vantage X 75 CTI.

This all-mountain ski meets the growing demand for those who like to embrace the whole mountain.

Atomic has developed Vantage X technology for this reason. Skis with this construction are flatter and wider in the middle area.

These skis offer absolute control and stability just off the piste.

The sporty AMT Rocker brings you little and performance, whether on soft or hard snow. To have the necessary edge grip in such conditions, you have on the one hand the firewall technology.

These special edges prevent unwanted vibrations.

Furthermore, the ski has carbon tank mesh.

A carbon fabric that makes the Vantage even more stable and responsive.

-Incl. XT 12 bond

-Segment: All Mountain

-Technology: Vantage X tt> -AMT Rocker: 10% Rocker / 90% Camber

-Textured surface

-Technologies -Exo profiles: 3D-profile for a longer life of the ski

-Carbon Tank Mesh: Carbon fabric for more stability

-Firewall: Special edges for a perfect power transmission

-Titanium Backbone 2.0: Titanium storage that pulls through the whole ski

-Power Woodcore: lightweight ash and poplar core

-XT 12 bond

-DIN value: 4-12

-Weight: 2240 g

-Brakes: 90 mm Note: Ski and binding are not mounted.

A pre-assembly on the individual shoe size is possible on request. It is not possible to carry out an inspection of the binding on the adjusting device without original ski boots and must be carried out at the specialist shop at your location.

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