Atomic XCruise 53 Posigrip X-Stif Cross-country Ski 2014

Atomic XCruise 53 Posigrip X Stif cross country ski 2014

The lightweight touring ski XCruise 53 Posigrip is a sturdy and energy-saving all-rounder The Atomic XCruise 53 Posigrip is a lightweight touring ski, which offers more stability when gliding and climbing due to the wider and shorter design.

He has a positive base.

Here, the innovative Grip technology Posigrip 3D is used.

This ensures that you can rebound powerfully in any situation.

Thanks to the XCruise 3D profile, the applied force is converted directly into a forward movement. This makes the XCruise a fast and dynamic touring all-rounder. It is the ideal ski for recreational runners who want to move on but also off the trail.

-Scope of delivery: without binding

-Segment: Touring

-Style: Classic

-Gender: Unisex

-Wax System: Nowax System

-Handle: Posigrip 3D

-Profile: XCruise Profile 3D

-Sporty Sidecut (mm): 53-48-51

-Base Index: 2000

-Core Construction: Helium Densolite Core

-Stable Easy Handling

-Extra Skispannung X-Stif for skiing with high body weight

Atomic Nordic Xcruise 53 Posigrip

The lightweight Atomic XCruise 53 Posigrip 3D is a touring ski capable of ensuring secure and stable climbing and gliding at all

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