Babolat Racket Holder X6 Aero

racket holder x6 aero

Luxury Babolat tennis from Rafael Nadal collection, the Babolat Racket Holder X6 Aero. This bag has a rigid structure to protect the best racquets and it is also racketvak insulated to maintain. String tension of your rackets In addition, this bag a separate compartment for your tennis clothes and a removable shoe bag. The large side pocket is suitable for your example (tennis) accessories. The bag has a double strap with ergonomic shoulder pads for added comfort. Dimensions 76 x 33 x 30cm, capacity 53 L.

Brand Name: Babolat

Babolat Tennis Bag Review – Aero Racquet Holder x6

Babolat Aero Racket Holder X6


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