Back Protector -Icetools Back Belt Junior Black Orange)

Back protector  Icetools Back Belt Junior black orange)

Back protector for children and adolescents.

Lightweight back protector with hoist strap for perfect positioning with double velcro adjustment.

-Ergonomic Hi-Vent Spine Shield Construction

-Padded and adjustable trouser straps

-Elastic belt loops

Gros table -Size 122 (XS): Body size 120cm

Amazon Prime Free Trial
--LeWonde Weight lifting Belt For Women and Men 6 Inches Black Strength Training, Comfortable and Firm Lumbar Support,Lower Back Protection Training Belt

Amazon Prime Free Trial
--LeWonde Weight lifting Belt For Women and Men 6 Inches Black Strength Training, Comfortable and Firm Lumbar Support,Lower Back Protection Training Belt

  1. The belt is made of firm EVA foam and abrasion-resistant nylon, which ensure a much stiffer and ever-lasting support for your fitness workout.
  2. The greater ab width increases intra-abdominal pressure in your stomach, make sure that your core can take some of the stress put on your back.
  3. Just focus on your performance and not on securing your belt.
  4. Providing Confidence to Your Fitness Exercises,Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts, Thrusters, bodybuilding,workout etc.
  5. The gym I go to has several belts and accesories for their members to use.
  6. While they are kept clean, they tend to be of limited size and older age.
  7. Scrolling through I found this belt and gave it a shot.
  8. Initially, this gave me pause as I thought "Well, this looks to break easily." Nevertheless, I have worked out with it over the last two weeks and it's held up just fine.
  9. Comfort wise this belt is quite comfortable especially if the back pad is properly.
  10. The Velcro seemed a bit flimsy, but is surprisingly strong.
  11. Sizing on this is pretty spot on the advirtised size ranges.
  12. It was easy to put on and comfortable to wear around the gym.
  13. I loved the all black color (not that I dont enjoy some color here and there) but this thing goes with everything.
  14. Once I got it on and secured it, it stayed put and gave me a level of support I've never experienced before in my lifts.
  15. It's super light weight and fits in my gym bag without adding extra bulk to it.
  16. I really want to work on increasing my weight in my back squad and my dead lifts and have always been worried about throwing out my back or hurting myself and even just wearing this gives me more confidence and support to be able to pull that heavier weight and it was much easier than I was expecting (not the weight--those were heavy, just the belt helped because it was comfortable and secure).
  17. I received this at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.
  18. If you intend on making weightlifting a lifelong lifestyle you should definitely take actions to prevent injuries to yourself.
  19. I just received this belt yesterday and I had used it this morning for my squats and dead lifts.
  20. The belt is actually a lot better quality than I was expecting and I am very pleased with this purchase.
  21. The belt is not too constrictive with movement but still rigid enough to be productive.
  22. It definitely helped with the heavier lifts that I completed and kept my back straight and aligned.
  23. The belt is overall great for abdominal support during the major exercises.
  24. Wear this belt right below your sternum and you'll get a great deal of support through any lift.
  25. I cannot tell you how many times this belt has saved me from demolishing my spine.
  26. Today in particular it had helped me keep a straight back allowing me to PR for my squats and hit the weights with much better form.
  27. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who does heavy lifts that want to keep an aligned back.
  28. I received this product at a discount rate for my honest unbiased review, all reviews are based on my opinion and are 100% honest after fully testing the product.
  29. I have has some issues in the past with lower back problems.
  30. I wear a size 36, so I ordered the large and it fit great.
  31. Has some minor padding in it, but it's not overly padded.
  32. I would recommend this belt to anyone looking for extra support when lifting, not just weights, but other heavy objects.
  33. I received this product at a discounted price to provide my fair and honest opinion.
  34. This is my opinion based on testing and reviewing the item.
  35. It is not super thin like most of the other velcro style belts.

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