Bataleon Boss Snowboard 2018

Bataleon Boss Snowboard 2018 snowboards

The new Boss Snowboard from Bataleon has received some upgrades in the 2018 season.

Thus, the solid wood core made of bamboo, paulownia and poplar wood, two carbon stringers in the binding area, which allow the board a more aggressive driving style.

The dynamic camber profile with positive bias brings control and pop into the Twin Shape freestyle board.

Also, the outline of the boss was slightly changed, and now joins the 3D Triple Base technology, the new Sidekick feature in the tips of the snowboard. Thanks to the Sidekick, the board is easier to change edges, it creates more buoyancy in the Pow and contributes to the overall smoothness.

The Nano High Speed ​​Base is the fastest running surface Bataleon has to offer and goes off like Speedy Gonzales.

The boss is made for active park riders who need a reliable snowboard with lots of pop and responsiveness.

The construction of the Bataleon Boss ensures absolute smoothness, safe takeoffs and landings over kickers and in the pipe.
-Application: All Terrain Freestyle
-Shape: 3BT Twin -Sidekick Feature
-Flex: 5/10 -Medium
-Binding assembly: 2×4 inserts
-Construction: Dynamic Camber, Triple Base Technology
-Core: Core Light, Paulowia, Bamboo, Poplar
-Fiberglass: Triax laminates
-Carbon Stringers: X in the binding area
-Base: Nano High Speed ​​S
Average Width:
-25.1cm (154cm)
-25.5cm (157cm)
-26.4cm (156cm) Wide
-26th6cm (159cm) Wide
Note: The board has a Color Rotation Base.

This means that the color arrangement on the tread can vary.

BATALEON Boss Freestyle Snowboards, Grey, 159 cm

BATALEON Boss Freestyle Snowboards, Grey, 159 cm
  1. The BOSS likes nothing better than being put to work, and will take every rider up a notch.
  2. The bigger the lines, jumps, or terrain the better it gets.
Buy here $589.95

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