Best Fitness Sit Up Bench. Dimensions 131.5 X 58 X 68 Cm

Best Fitness Sit up bench

Train your abs with these simple fitness bench. Because of the shape, you can easily and safely perform your sit-ups. If you want a bigger challenge, you can also use the included weights.

Maximum weight load 80 Kg
Trained muscles Abdominals
Weights 2 x 1.5 Kg
Transport rollers at the front
Factory warranty 12
Exchange warranty YES

User’s Feedback:

  1. This device is ideal for those who his / her abs quite want to train. There are weights in order to make the exercise. Heavier after some time Definitely a recommended product.

  2. A very good product considering the price – quality ratio.
    Solid product that is easy to put together.
    The leather and the pressure tires feel good and have no sharp edges or something solid.
    Definitely recommended to buy.

  3. Tof bench awfully easy to use. So put together and easy to store. Was within 2 days in the house!.

Crescendo Fitness Slant Sit Up Bench

best fitness sit	up bench
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