Fitness Trilplaat. Drawn Dimensions 71x40x108 Cm

BH FITNESS Trilplaat

Massage device by mItem IDs of a belt. Helps to relax and prevents or reduces muscle stiffness and painful joints. Ideal both before and after training. Increases blood circulation. Engine with 6 different speeds. Check your settings during the massage according to your own requirement. Plexiglas platform and advanced monitor. Stable structure. Modern, beautiful design for the home. Completely finished materials using top quality. Smooth, noise -free operation. Ergonomic grip. To hold during the massage. Fixed. Includes 3 different massage belts. Designed to give to different parts of the body such as reducing cellulite on the thighs and hips, strengthening the buttocks or relaxing the back and shoulder muscles. etc. Different types of massage
You can also choose to use our comprehensive service for the placement / installation of your new appliance. Use If you want us to unpack your new device for you, at the location specified by you in your home and connect the device for you, then you should also take your order Part No. 135058 with this comprehensive service package will cost you only 80 bucks.

Factory warranty 24


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