Fitness Weight Bench. Number Of Steps Manually Adjustable

BH FITNESS Weight Bench

The new BH Fitness Optima Press weight bench is a complete solution for strength in every home gym. The symbionts there are heaps of different exercises possible with barbell and weight plates. Train chest, biceps, abdominals, quadriceps and many other muscle groups with the G330 Optima Press weight bench from BH Fitness.
The symbionts are fully adjustable so that each user’s favorite exercise can perform optimally. With the wide adjustability of the bench and the addition of the preacher curl attachment is a complete workout for your body as possible.

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Drawn dimensions 192 x 76 x 171 cm
Weight Stack 0 Kg
Maximum user weight 130 kg
Maximum resistance 160 Kg
Muscle groups to train Chest, arms, shoulder, back, abdomen and legs
Factory warranty 24

Valor Fitness BH-9 Olympic Bar/Plate Rack

bh fitness weight	bench
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