Bodi – Tek Slim Gym Body. Warranty 24 Months

BODI TEK Slim Gym Body

The Slim Gym Body Toner training for the whole body through reusable pads that can be placed. Directly on the target areas This allows you to train five muscle groups simultaneously.
– Provides more bounce to your vital areas of the body in a relaxed manner. – Relax during use, for example watching TV, reading or listening to music. – Body receives small electrical signals through the nerves to activate the muscle contraction. – Slim -gym toner lets you imitate a regular exercise. – Effective EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation ) technology. – Adjustable intensity settings and variable vibration frequency ( 1.5-3 sec ). – Channel 5. – Increases strength, muscle building. – Suitable for both men and women. – Leather Look carrying case including: Slim gym toner unit, conductive gel, gray oval pads (10) and leads ( 5 ), elastic straps ( two long / 2 short), mains adapter, carrying case

Slim Gym

Exchange warranty YES

Slim Gym


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