Body Sculpture Dumbbell 19 Kg. Dumbbells 2×1.5 Kg, 2×3 And 2×5 Kg Kg

BODY SCULPTURE Dumbbell 19 kg

Kind Dumbbell
Standard YES
Factory warranty 12
Exchange warranty YES

User’s Feedback:

  1. A good build-up of weights and useful to put down.

  2. Product complies fine, turn easily. Together Delivery as promised after ordering the day.’m Completely satisfied with my purchase.

  3. ‘ve Looked ip youtube movies and am a beginner started The heaviest I will not fast to use but the other 2 sets I’ve already gotten used Muscle pain, but a sign that they well help me workout!

    Unfortunately not been the holder together, maybe not enough power for and was no explanation of how it was to put otherwise 5 stars, making four in each other ;).

Body Sculpture Men’s Vinyl Dumbbells 2 X 2Kg Purple

body sculpture dumbbell	kg
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