Body Sculpture Dumbbell. 2 Short Dumbbells Threaded Quick Release



Weights 4 x 1.25 kg, 4 x 2.0 kg
Length dumbbells about 35 cm, 25 mm diameter and 2.5 kg
Factory warranty 12
Exchange warranty YES

User's Feedback:

  1. I am very pleased with this dumbbell set.
    The handle is good, it’s very important because otherwise you can not train properly. Overall a nice dumbbell for a nice price! I would recommend him. Everyone.

  2. Very useful set of dumbbells! The screw system works well, making the switch discs a breeze.

  3. Price / performance ratio is not wrong, but keep in mind that no standard size 25mm diameter and that the discs fit on these dumbbells only and not standard dumbbells of 30mm diameter.

Body Sculpture BW-313 3lbs. Pair (1.5lbs. each) of Softway Walking or Running Hand Weights

body sculpture dumbbell
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