Body Sculpture Exercise Wheel. Factory Warranty 24

BODY SCULPTURE Exercise wheel

Durable training wheel, especially for basic abdominal exercises. With plastic handles and a steel shaft.

Exchange warranty YES

User’s Feedback:

  1. As avid exerciser, I have all kinds of exercises and equipment used to train the abdominal muscles. However, this wheel is the ultimate device for tight abs.
    In the beginning, very heavy, so start slowly and controlled. Then it’ll be different. Many oefenigen give back problems, but not with this wheel. Well good to follow the instructions and possibly watching movies on Youtube. Makes all the other exercises and equipment to me unnecessary.
    Guaranteed a six pack.

  2. Get used to the movement, but quite muscular pain afterwards.

WOSS Gear, Hydra Extra (Workout Trainer / Hanging Bicycle Repair Stand), Olive Drab , Made in USA

body sculpture exercise	wheel
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