Body Sculpture Multigym


This compact machine from Body Sculpture you get an affordable and total power station in the house. This total power station stands firmly at home, in the barn, in the garden or on the sports club. The versatility of this total gym makes him very recognizable.

Stable, heavy epoxy multi station ; anatomically shaped cushions; weights (total 66kg). Exercises: armcurl ; leg curl ; butterfly ; latpully ; bench press ; foot strap ; integrated rower and buikspierbank.Twee persons ideal trainer for strength and endurance. With multiple height adjustable seat, lumbar support for back-sparing training, separate bankdruk- or butterfly unit, latissimus and curl bar, leg curl, incl. Armcurlpult.
Weights 65.9kgs. Cage to the weights for security. Roles and vinyl seats for comfortable sitting. Sturdy steel construction. Constructed 158x180x212 cm.

User weight 120 kg.

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