Body Sculpture Multigym. Warranty


For a complete workout at home.

Weights (total 66 kg). exercises; low pulley row; knee raise ; bicep curls ; preacher curls ; preacher curls – reverse grip ; wrist curl ; leg curl ; leg extensions ; crunches ; straight arm pullover ; lat pull front ; butterfly ; vertical bench press ; back kick ; side kick, corners, jabs, upper -cuts ;’s knee.
This compact machine from Body Sculpture you get an affordable and total power station in the house. This total power station stands firmly at home, in the barn, in the garden or on the sports club. The versatility of this total gym makes him very recognizable.

This Multi Gym is delivered to your home.
Body Sculpture Multi Gym can also be mounted in the place that suits you at you!. Then you should also take your order. Item No. 142073 with This comprehensive service package will cost you only 135 bucks.

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