Body Sculpture Rowing Machine. Computer Functions Time, Number Of Repetitions And The Calories Consumed


This Rowing Trainer Body Sculpture you can work out in a limited space. The paddles are adjustable in length. The training computer scans the time, distance, strokes, total strokes and does a calorie indication. This rowing machine can also be stored. Easily under a bed or behind a cupboard a trusted and sturdy device for the novice or experienced athlete!
Solid robust rowing machine for home use. -Simple And effectively, improves strength and endurance. – Adjustable trekspanen, therefore suitable for taller people. – Velcro base closures for a secure grip on the foot pads. – Training computer scans: time, number of repetitions and calories. – Comfortable seat with 8 wheels. – Easy to store and easy to move
Features and functions Improves strength and endurance
Maximum load 120 Kg
Storage size 123 x 32,5 x 13 cm
Essay Maat 125 x 78 x 18.5 cm
Factory warranty 24

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