Boot Doc Comfort S7 Insoles Low Arch Red

Boot Doc Comfort S7 Insoles Low Arch Red Schuhzubehor

The boot-ins insoles by Boot Doc are suitable for ski and snowboard boots.

They significantly improve the driving experience and prevent foot complaints.

The six-layer construction with thermal insulation layer ensures stability and warm feet. In addition, in the heel and ball area Dampfungspads are incorporated, which contribute to the shock absorption.

Furthermore, the Boot Doc insoles are equipped with the innovative anti-odor function, which causes fragrances to be sprayed with every entry and exit, so that the foot climate is not impaired.

-Insoles for low arched foot

-Comfort entry through microfibre top with anti-odor function

-Maximum steaming and heat due to insulated EVA layer and additional stabilizers

-Maximum stability in the jerky range

-Thermal Isolation, Antibacterial


-Relaxation of the shoulder and neck muscles

-Relief of the spine and the hips

-Joints and tendons are protected

-Significant load reduction in the knee area

-Stabilization of the hocks

-Guiding the foot and shock absorption

-Optimal power transmission

Note: The Comfort S7 insoles can be shortened or adjusted individually with scissors as needed. Size table:

-S: EUR 36-38

-M: EUR 39-41

-L: EUR 42-43

-XL: EUR 44-45

-XXL: EUR 47-48

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    1. I have one horse who continuously over steps striking himself.
    2. Well made, riding 3-5 times a week they last well over a year!
    3. My quarter horse is size "0" shoe and I purchased a large.
    4. If your horse is wearing size 1 or 2 purchase extra large.
    5. They are however starting to fray at the bottoms a bit.
    6. You could say that this should be expected however, I have another pair made by another company that my thoroughbred has been wearing for nearly a year with no wear or fraying.
    7. The prints are really fun, but I don't think the material holds up as well as the plain ones.
    8. My mare has been especially fussy when wearing them though and I’m not sure if something about them bothers her which is the only reason I’m not rating them 5 stars yet.
    9. I will update if she adjusts to wearing them in the next few rides.
    10. My daughter loves them, can't wait it use them for her horse.

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