Burton Anti Social FT Splitboard Snowboard 2017

Burton Anti Social FT Splitboard Snowboard 2017 splitboards

Burton anti-social split snowboard including pre-bolted ICS channel plucks.

The backcountry is at your fingertips with the easy-to-use splitboard for women.

The directional board profile with a wider nose and a balanced freeride geometry drives through open snow fields and tight treeruns.
-Application: Backcountry / Freeride
-Flex: 6/10
-Binding assembly: on ICS Channel
-Factory tuning: Infinite Ride
-Construction: Directional Camber
-The New Directional Camber has tension from the tail to the front binding for maximum control, pop and edge hold.

The entire nose is rockered, so you can disperse the powder like an icebreaker.
-Shape: Directional (12mm taper)
-The classic and most versatile snowboard shape. As the name suggests, this shape is designed for optimal sliding in one direction.

To concentrate the bounce on the tail, the nose is a bit longer.

The Directional Shape provides plenty of lift, flow and control readiness to accelerate in any terrain and conditions.

The term tapered tail simply means that the nose is wider than the tail.

The anti-social 12mm tail is narrower than the nose.

This gives you stability, easy gymnastics and even more buoyancy in the deepest powder.
-Flex: Directional
-This versatile flex provides more bounce in the tail and a more elastic nose that helps the rider to stay in control in all conditions and conditions.
-Core: FSC Super Fly 2 (700g) with dual zone EGD and squeezebox
-The new Superfly 2 core is 10% lighter and uses only sustainable wood.

Targeted use of harder and lighter wood in certain areas of the core causes bounce, hard and less weight. With even more boost for freeriders and more power for park boards.

The dual zone EGD grain is used along the toes and heels in two continuous zones perpendicular to the rest of the wood, providing constant edge hold and additional strength.
-Fiberglass: Triax
-Great for jibs, low torsional flex and a forgiving park friendly feel.
-Base: Sintered WFO
-The sintered WFO base has the property of absorbing wax very well and deeply in your pores, creating an extremely durable coating that will last the whole season in all conditions.
-Construction element: Balanced Freeride Geometry
-The balanced freeride geometry in the Landlords the debate whether Twin or Directional Shape. With a setback camber and sidecut balanced on your stance, these create a twin-like riding feel when the board rests flat, while the board reacts quickly and responsively as you ride on the edge.
-Construction element: Per Tip
-The nose and tail are thinner, which reduces swing weight and improves mobility.
-Construction element: Squeezebox core profile
-Is a core construction that transmits the power under the feet to the outside, causing the nose and tail to be more agile during swinging out, ollies and slashing.

Thinner core areas under the foot transition into thicker, more forceful areas between and outside the binding, which gives the board more power and can be used with less effort.

Average Width: Boardlength -24.1cm (147cm)
-24th5cm (152cm)
Rider Weight: Board length -52-68kg (147cm)
-57-75kg (152cm)

Burton Dump Truck Splitboard

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