Burton Apres Sock Mens Socks Seventy Seven 2017

Burton Apres Sock Mens Socks Seventy Seven 2017 socks

After a long day of skiing, your feet would also like to hang around the pool, shaking their cocktails, which is no wonder after hours of use.

And since the Burton guys know what it's like to get cold feet and healthy feet are the nuts and bolts, they're indulging us with the apres ski sock for men in a cool design.

With reinforcements in the footbed, as well as incorporated elastic toe and toe bandage, the apres sock runs on one side as if on clouds and on the other side in a positively trimmed way. Cool pattern on each of the 3 pairs of socks, completes the cool look of the faithful everyday companion.

-Men's socks

-3 pack

-Slight fuming in the footbed

-Elastic foot / ankle bandage

-No scrubbing toe seams different patterns


-Material: 56% cotton, 42% nylon, 2% spandex

Size chart -S = 37 -39

-M = 40-43

-L = 44 -47

Brand: Burton

The Origins Of Men’S Socks


When did vivid colors, bold and even weird prints become the norm for men's socks? Discover the Origins of men's socks.

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