Burton Baker 2 In 1 Underglove Women’s Snowboard Gloves True Black

Burton Baker 2 in 1 Underglove Womens Snowboard Gloves True Black gloves

The Burton Baker 2 in 1 Undergloves for Women, reliably protect you from the ingress of moisture and keep your hands warm and dry thanks to the ingenious insane membrane, which is not only waterproof but also breathable.

An additional warm element is the zippered pocket on the hand print, which simultaneously serves as a ventilation pocket in the open state.

Of course you also get the Screen Grab function, which makes the winter glove compatible with touchscreens. You get 2 pairs of snowboard gloves delivered, namely the inner and outer gloves, which can be worn individually or in combination, depending on the weather. In addition, this lady’s glove is intended to be able to wear it under the jacket.
-Ladies Finger Gloves
-Underglove: tight waistband to be worn under the jacket
-Ergonomic fit
-2-ply DRYRIDE Ultrashell material
-Waterproof DRYRIDE membrane 2.0
-THERMACORE insulation
-Soft fleece lining
-Ventilating zipper with mesh insert on the handprinting
-Handy palm of PU
-PU coating on the thumb and forefinger
-Screen Grab: easy to use touch screen
-Adjustable Wrist Cuff
-Rubber loops for attachment to the wrist or the jacket
-Scope of supply: 1 pair of inner gloves, 1 pair of outer gloves
-Upper: 100% polyester
-Palm: 100% synthetic leather (PU)
Large conversion ladies:
-XS = US 6
-S = US 7
-M = US 8
-L = US 9
-XL = US 10

Brand: Burton

Burton Women’s Baker 2-In-1 Under Gloves

Burton Women's Baker 2-In-1 Under Gloves
  1. On the surface, the women’s Burton Baker 2-In-1 Under Glove might seem like just another awesome glove.
  2. This extra-thin, super waterproof membrane protects hands from wind and water while wicking away heat-robbing sweat.
  3. First time out the whole palms of the gloves were torn up just from carrying the board …
  4. I was looking for a good pair of gloves so I can take some photos in the snow.
  5. When I first put in on indoors, I noticed that the finger ratio was weird and almost none of my fingers can reach the tip.
  6. The material was thick and stiff, so movement is minimal, and after wearing it for just 10 minutes, my ring and little finger cramped due to the weird resting orientation.
  7. Therefore, using it outdoors obviously would be a pain.
  8. The inner gloves are slight flexibility which is quite nice, but again, the thumbs are about 1″ too long, and they are not tight enough to hold when I remove the outer gloves.
  9. Furthermore, the inner gloves are not touchscreen controllable.
  10. I first decided to use the inner glove for my camera hand and the outer for the spare hand.
  11. I had to struggle to take out my phone without dropping it and then hold the tip of the outer glove to use the screen (which is so stupid).
  12. Then, I lost both inner gloves while removing the outer glove (believe me, it is more pain than it sounds and it takes significant amount of time to remove and put on).
  13. After few days fighting the gloves, I just gave up on it.
  14. Definitely not worth my forty bucks (maybe not even worth fifteen).
  15. If you are looking for something similar, a) try them out at stores, b) get a single layer set of gloves, c) if you need high flex, just find a thin one with touchscreen controllability.
Buy here $44.44 – $64.95

Burton Baker 2-In-1 Under Gloves

Burton Baker 2-In-1 Under Gloves
    Buy here $41.05 – $69.99

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