Burton Board Wall Mounts Wall Mount Black

You think about how to get your noble love board on the wall? So easy? With the Burton Board Wall Mounts wall mounts.

Whether upright or across, with these 3 parts and the included screws, you can charm your board to the wall and have it always in view.

Thanks to the swivel joint, you can easily insert and remove it.

Hang Time Snowboard Wall Mount Review By Storeyourboard


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Burton Collector Series Board Wall Mount

Burton Collector Series Board Wall Mount

  1. Like others have stated, there are no instructions but it is pretty straight forward on how you would mount it.
  2. Otherwise nice, solid pieces of aluminum with a nice look.

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the Cinch | Snowboard Wall Mount and Storage Hanger Rack | StoreYourBoard

the Cinch | Snowboard Wall Mount and Storage Hanger Rack | StoreYourBoard

  1. At the core of the Cinch are the abrasion-resistant SBR rubber bumpers.
  2. These bumpers provide a sturdy and rigid way to secure your board in place, but are soft enough to be safe for your board's edges.
  3. The Cinch is designed to hold your board vertically and flat up against the wall.
  4. This means it takes up practically no more space than your snowboard!
  5. You can store your snowboard with or without bindings attached.
  6. This means it is a great way to show off your board AND be a quick-access storage rack for your daily rider!
  7. The instructions tell you how to get the screw and anchors into the wall properly, however when spacing make sure you have a power drill, drill bits, a level, ruler, and pencil to draw straight lines.
  8. Such a better deal than other pricey options, unless of course you want to hand them at an angle, i do not think that these mounts are good for that.
  9. Outside of getting a board that's the right size and shape for your riding style, your affinity for the design plays a large part of the selection process - so why not share it with people?
  10. This mount design is minimalistic and doesn't take away from the aesthetics of your board.
  11. It's very easy to install - I used a tape, laser level, pencil and drill but that was probably overkill.
  12. The wall anchors bore right into the wall and stay securely in place.
  13. I inserted the screws into the rubber mounts so that the tip was visible from the other side before fastening to the wall anchors.
  14. To me this was the easiest way to ensure proper alignment.
  15. My board is on display and there's no worry of it falling off the wall.
  16. I suggest to all who buy this and have drywall that you drill the metal screw in first and screw it out so the drywall anchor screw has a good guide hole.
  17. Also drill the drywall screw as straight as possible, because those plastic little bastards will break the moment they start to screw in at an angle.
  18. As you can see in the picture, I was able to take advantage of a tight area in my man-cave that would have otherwise gone unused.
  19. It's overpriced, IMHO, for what you get so if I need another one I'll just get a rubber grommet/washer.
  20. Also, not sure if the rubber will deform or dry out over time making it less functional.
  21. But for now it keeps my board off the garage floor and does its job.
  22. Might as well just buy rubber stoppers from home depot.
  23. Very quick to install and the anchors worked perfectly!<
  24. However, the anchors that go with the cinch are plastic.
  25. The plastic drywall anchors aren’t great but I had replacemtents.
  26. Now my pair of skis and my snowboard are hanging on my bedroom wall and it looks dope as hell.
  27. They have held up wonderfully throughout many mounts and dismounts, and add a very outdoorsy feel to my living room.

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