Burton Bullet Tool Kit Tool Black

Burton Bullet Tool Kit Tool Black

Imagine, you are on the slopes, with you a screw loose and you have no tools! For those moments on the mountain, the Burton Bullet Tool is just the ticket. It’s small and lightweight, so it fits in every pocket and for every screw on board and binding the right bit.
-Also to use with gloves
-Lightweight and compact
-Folding handle with optimal ratchet function
-Phillips Phillips bit no. 2 and no. 3
-Slot bit
-4 mm hexagon socket
-10 mm jaw / bottle opener

The Best Snowboard Tool?? Tool Challenge!! Snowboard.Com

We test out 5 Snowboard tools….. and 1 screwdriver to figure out which is the best all round tool on the mountain! The contenders

Burton Bullet Tool

Burton Bullet Tool
  1. A little bit uncomfortable to use since it does not have a complete T form to handle it.
  2. The half handle doesn’t provide enough control of the torque and it tough for larger hands.
  3. Also the mechanism that slides isn’t of typical Burton quality.
  4. After less than normal use, it’s broken because the first position gears are misaligned and it won’t draw the screws out.
Buy here $19.96

Dakine Torque Driver

Dakine Torque Driver
  1. All parts fit inside the tool for compact storage in a pocket or pack.
  2. A rock solid set up is paramount to progression on snow.
  3. Kind of a pain to get the right bit out without dropping other ones, and you have to make sure to put the wrench in first or you won’t be able to get the cap on.
  4. Also it’s hard to use right next to the side of the binding because the handle gets in the way when turned perpendicular to the binding.
  5. It works though and having the T handle allows me get the screws tighter so I’ll keep it.
  6. I’ve put it into a zip lock bag to reduce the likelyhood of the clip being lost.
  7. The form factor is also very comfortable in your hand and allows you to put a lot of torque if you need to.
  8. Also sometime it is hard to fit all of the bits back inside the head.
  9. I ended up just keeping the allan key in a separate pocket in order to make the rest more accessible.
  10. Finally everything has already started to rust, more my fault than Dakine’s but could use a little more rust protection.
  11. Second use the little ball bearing fell out and that was that — no longer holds the driver bits in place.
  12. You might want to think about keeping an extended bit on the tool.
  13. It just wasn’t quite long enough for my liking to install a set of Burton EST bindings.
  14. This can easily be kept in your bag since all the pieces stay together, you never have to worry about losing a piece.
  15. It’s the perfect size to carry while on the hill, It’s super easy to use, and it’s much more effective than many similar tools I’ve used in its size.
  16. I bought one in a store for a similar price and it broke on the first use.
Buy here $23.49

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