Burton Cable Lock Snowboard Lock -Translucent Black

Burton Cable Lock Snowboard Lock  Translucent Black

The Cable Lock by Burton is the optimal protection for your snowboard or ski against thieves.

Whether at the après bar or in the parking lot.

With the combination lock you can connect your snowboard everywhere.
-Pocket size
-76 cm steel cable
-Three-digit number combination individually anderbar

Operating The Master Lock 4603d Retractable Cable Lock

Learn to operate and set-your-own combination on the 4603D Retractable Cable Lock. Store your combination at www.

Burton Tether Lock

Burton Tether Lock
  1. This lock failed to open for me the very first day I used it.
  2. I ended up having to bust it to get my board off the rack.
  3. I also had it lock the first use and had to cut the cable.
Buy here $15.96

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