Burton Cartel EST Snowboard Binding 2018 Black Matte

Burton Cartel EST snowboard binding 2018 Black Matte snowboard bindings

The Burton Cartel snowboard binding offers the legendary blend of comfort, performance and versatile off-road capability -to last a long time, it takes more than a sturdy attitude.

Thanks to the EST attachment system, the Cartel binding will give you even more power to your board, explore more stance opportunities and experience a whole new sensation in the snow with less material under your feet. In matt black, the men's tie is also a constant contemporary. Comfortable AutoCANT SensoryBED steaming system, with B3 gel insert in the heel area of ​​the base plate absorbs bumps and lets you take a natural position in the binding.

This reduces fatigue, increases the driving pleasure? and provides more even control.

For safety and support provides an adjustable Hammock 2.0 Anklestrap and Gettagrip toe strap, which completely encloses the boat edge and a high grip thanks to robust rubber coating provides. In addition, Zero Lean Forward Highback provides balanced flex and power transfer, while true Double-Take Buckles with Smooth Glide hold your boots firmly on the board.

This EST binding will ONLY fit on Burton boards with ICS Channel System! The binding does NOT fit on other systems like 4 hole, 3 hole or similar.

-Men's snowboard binding

-Mounting system: EST

-Flex and Response: 7/10 -Medium

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair


-Two-piece base plate: inner part softer, stiffer along the side edges only compatible with ICS CHANNEL!

-Sidewall: 30% short glass nylon composite

-Lower part: 45% short glass nylon composite

-Tool-free, adjustable gas pedal

-FullBED underfoaming, for minimal fatigue

-AutoCANT Senory BED: Double Compressed EVA for Natural Foot Position

-B3 Gelpad: Damp pad in the heel area to reduce impact


-Ergonomically shaped and sloped

-One Component Design for Immediate Response

-Zero Forward Lean: more playful,relaxed driving feeling

-DIALFLAD-, Living Hinge Technology: allows forward tilt, post-position and rotation


-Tool-free, adjustable straps

-Hammock 2.0 Anklestrap: large footprint, optimized design

-Flex slider: stretched joint zone at Anklestrap

-Gettagrip Capstrap: grippy rubber, pressure-free comfort

-Double Take buckles: supple, reliable closure

-Smooth Glide: Buckles with aluminum anchor and steel base

br4> -Grodabelle Men:

-S = 38 -41

-M = 41 -44

-L = 43 -48

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One of the best snowboard bindings available anywhere, and by far one of Guf's (@matt_guf) favorites....the Burton Cartel is back for

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