Burton Cartel ReFlex Snowboard Binding 2017 -Dusty Gold

Burton Cartel ReFlex Snowboard binding 2017  Dusty Gold snowboard bindings

Burton’s reworked Cartel binding in Dusty Gold. Burton’s Cartel has been equipped with the seamless Hammock Anklestrap and the two-component Supergrip Toestrap for the new season.

Thus, the already powerful Cartel has become even more powerful, comfortable and lighter.

The improved fit and ease of use of the binding will be noticeably reflected in your riding. The wide range of uses of the Burton Cartel gives you as much advantage in the park as it does in powder, not in vain is the Cartel one of the most popular snowboard bindings on the market.

The ReFlex Baseplate in conjunction with the Zero Lean Highback ensures a balanced flex and power transfer, the cherished Double-Take Buckles keep your boots firmly on the board.
-Disc: Compatible with 4×4, ICS Channel
-Scope of delivery: 1 pair
-Flex: 7/10
-Standard Features:
-Anatomically shaped baseplates
-Highback rotation
-Adjustable Forward Lean
-Tool-free adjustable straps
-Adjustable gas pedal
-Baseplate: Re: Flex
-The newly optimized baseplate design has a reduced weight and allows the binding to adapt individually to the board flex. This in turn increases your board feeling and allows you a more precise board control.
-Baseplate Material: 45% Short Glass Fiber Nylon Composite
-The one-component baseplate made of sturdy short-glass fiber-nylon composite provides a consistently uniform response.
-Highback: Zero Lean with Living Hinge Tech
-A forgiving highback for riders who prefer medium flex. The highbacks have an ergonomic design that matches the natural shape of the right and left legs for maximum control and comfort.

Thanks to the Living Hinge technology, you can save weight and be able to adjust your highback rotation independently of the forward lean.
-Adjustability: DialFLAD
-The ingenious Dial Flad system allows you to adjust your Forward Lean quickly and without any tools.
-Ankle Strap: Hammockstrap -Flex Slider
-The 3D shaped and responsive Reactstrap holds each boat tight in the binding.

The Hammockstrap is completely seam-free and provides an incomparable fit with a very low weight. Pressure marks Good-bye! Thanks to the new Flex Slider System, the strap simply folds over and provides an improved entry.
-Toe Strap: Supergrip Capstrap
-The minimalistically designed and anatomically shaped capstrap is made from a harder and softer material that completely encloses your boat’s top and provides optimum power transmission.
-Buckles: Double Take Buckles
-An aluminum lever on a sturdy steel chassis and a polycarbonate barrel.

New to this system is that the ratchet teeth (as opposed to the conventional horizontal ones) are spirally arranged. This technology is more robust, facilitates adjustment and bombproof.
-Damping: AutoCant FullBED
-The AutoCant FullBED steamer is made of Dual Density EVA and offers full-length padding for maximum comfort and less fatigue.

This technology automatically puts your boat in a natural position, optimizing your stance and board feel.

Of course, the gas pedal is adjustable and thanks to the drop fall technique, the inserts are easy to reach.
-Additional steaming: B3 gel heel strike
-Ultimate steaming that can withstand frequent shaking without giving up the ghost.
-Additional damping: Under Baseplate Dampening Pad
-An additional damping pad on the bottom of the baseplate absorbs vibrations and absorbs shock. Size chart: Shoe sizes (EU) -S = 38-41
-M = 41-44
-L = 43-48

Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings Mens

Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings Mens
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