Burton Custom ICS Snowboard 2016 -163cm

Burton Custom ICS Snowboard 2016  163cm snowboards

The snowboard under the snowboards! With the Burton Custom you master every terrain and can rely on a very good performance.

Often copied, but never reached.

The technology of the Burton Custom has been put to the and developed like no other snowboard over more than 20 years.

The result of this long history is a board that is really usable everywhere and works perfectly. Since this season, all wood cores that are used at Burton be used from sustainable cultivation. So also the Super Fly 2 core, which is again with its 700 grams 10% lighter.

This is supported with the dual zone EGD reinforcements in the edge area and wave-like Squeezebox core profile.

This combination gives the Custom an unrivaled responsiveness and longevity.

To give the board its corresponding power, the triaxial glued fiberglass was provided with carbon inserts, which brings the board significantly more torsional flex and pop.

Of course, all at a very low weight.

And the list goes on! Frostbite edges, so you can pull your carves even on icy slopes.

The fast Sintered WFO Base, Pro Tip, Infinite Ride Tuning and the innovative Burton Channel System really get the last out of the Custom! -Application: All Mountain
-Hard: 6/10
-Binding assembly: on ICS system
-Construction: Camber
-The preload is Continuous and stands for power coupled with precision and acts as a suspension, which distributes the weight evenly over the entire length and thus ensures good edge control everywhere
-Shape: Directional
-The classic, most versatile snowboard shape.

To concentrate the bounce on the tail, the nose is a bit longer. Provides sufficient lift, flow and control readiness to suit any terrain and conditions.
-Flex: Twin
-The Twin Flex includes a symmetrical flex from nose to tail, which guarantees the same performance in both directions.
-Core: FSc Super Fly 2 (700g)
-Dual zone EGD
-The new Superfly 2 core is 10% lighter and uses only sustainable wood. Targeted use of more robust and lighter wood in certain areas of the core cause bounce, hard and lower weight.

With even more buoyancy for freeriders, and more power for park boards.

The dual zone EGD grain is used along the toes and heels in two continuous zones perpendicular to the rest of the wood, providing constant edge hold and additional strength.
-Fiberglass: New 45 ° Carbon Highlights
-The New 45 ° Carbon Highlights optimizes each layer of the fiberglass matrix and adds a complete carbon layer from tip to tail, reducing weight and improving torsion to create new ride characteristics.

A 60 ° fiber angle creates an extremely controllable and playful ride, while a 45 ° fiber angle provides for an aggressive ride.
-Base: Sintered WFO
-The sintered WFO base has the property of absorbing wax very well and deeply in your pores, creating an extremely durable coating that will last the whole season in all conditions.
-Construction element: Squeezebox core
-Is a core construction that transmits the force under the feet to the outside, whereby the nose and tail react more lively during the swinging out, in ollies and during slashing. Thinner core areas under the feet transition into thicker, more powerful areas between and outside of the binding, which gives the board more power and can be used with less effort.
-Frostbite edges:
-The edges are somewhat in the binding area, which offers incredible edge hold on hard, icy slopes.

Frostbite edges are powerful when you need them and playful if you do not use them.
-Construction element: Per Tip
-Nose and tail are constructed thinner, which reduces the swing weight and improves the mobility.
-Factory tuning: Infinite Ride
-Exclusive technology, for more pop and power! First, the raw board is built and then retracted in a machine for you, no matter what construction, with Infinite Ride remain the most important characteristics such as flex, pop and feel constant for years.

Average Width: Boardlength -24.5cm (148cm)
-24th8cm (151cm)
-25.2cm (154cm)
-25.3cm (156cm)
-25.4cm (158cm)
-25.5cm (160cm)
-25.7cm (163cm)
-25.8cm (158 Wide)
-26.0cm (162 Wide)
-26.2cm (165 Wide)
-26th4cm (169 Wide)
Rider Weight: Board length -50-68kg (148cm)
-57-75kg (151cm)
-59-77kg (154cm)
-61-79kg (156cm)
-66-84kg (158cm)
-70-88kg (160cm)
-75-93kg (163cm)
-66-84kg (158 Wide)
-75-93kg (162 Wide)
-77-95kg -(165 Wide)
-79-98kg -(169 Wide) Note: The board has a Color Rotation Base (tread) and may differ from the illustration !! This means that the color arrangements on the tread may differ!

Brand: Burton

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