Burton Custom Re: Flex Snowboard Binding Black Matte

Burton Custom Re: Flex Snowboard Binding Black Matte snowboard bindings

Suitable for off-road, comfortable and with a first-class price-performance ratio, the custom snowboard binding comes around the corner.

Their playful nature offers a lot of freedom, makes for extra good mood and feels at home in any area.

The black men's tie fits into the outfit every season thanks to its simple design.

Applications in the form of gray font spice up the outer coat of winter sports binding, which did not have to be on the basis of the sophisticated features. The one-piece hi-back construction provides immediate feedback of generated force and has the ability to be rotated, pushed or tilted in different positions.

This in turn speaks for different support of the binding, in which everything goes from classic slope down to freestyle moves in the park.

The ergonomic straps, which adapt optimally to the boat and firmly enclose it, ensure a secure hold.

The area at the bottom? is damped and optimally absorbs shocks. It makes walking easier, makes him look less tired and thus gives more time in the white gold of the mountains.

-Men's snowboard binding

-Mounting system: Re: Flex -2x4 and 4x4 Disc, ICS Channel

-Flex and Response: 3/10 -Soft

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair


-One-piece Re: Flex baseplate: uniform response and control

-Universal with current fastening systems (adapter included)

-Composite: playful, bombproof polycarbonate

-Reduced weight

-Tool-free, adjustable gas pedal

-Re: Flex FullBEDUnderfoaming, minimal fatigue

br4> -HI-BACK:

-Ergonomically shaped and sloped

-One Component Design for Immediate Response

-Zero lean: playful, relaxed driving

-MicroFLAD, Living Hinge Technology: allows for forward tilt, post-position, and rotation


-Tool-free, adjustable straps

-React Anklestrap: 3D shaped, responsive adaptation

-Flex slider: stretched joint zone at Anklestrap

-GettagripCapstrap: grippy rubber, pressure-free comfort

-Smooth Glide: buckles with aluminum anchor and steel base

Brand: Burton

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