Burton Custom Re: Flex Snowboard Bindings (Magentlemen) 2015

Burton Custom Re: Flex Snowboard Bindings (Magentlemen) 2015 snowboard bindings

An All Mountain binding that meets all standards.

The Custom is an excellent binding for any terrain. Sophisticated technologies such as FullBED damping, Primo Capstrap and ergonomically designed highbacks create a ride that remains stable at any speed and in all conditions.

The Burton Custom binding is softer than the Burton Mission and for snowboarders who need more space to evolve than the easiest-to-ride binding freestyle allows.
-Disc: Compatible with 2×4, 4×4, ICS Channel
-Scope of delivery: 1 pair
-Hard: 3/10
-Weight per piece (size M): 860g
-Standard Features:
-Anatomically shaped baseplates.
-Ergonomically shaped highbacks.
-Highback rotation.
-Adjustable Forward Lean.
-Tool-free adjustable straps.
-Adjustable gas pedals.
-Baseplate: Re: Flex The newly optimized baseplate design has a reduced weight and allows the binding to adapt individually to the board flex.

This in turn increases your board feeling and allows you a more precise board control.
-Baseplate Material: Single-Component Bomb Proof Polycarbonate -The one-component baseplate made of bombproof polycarbonate, creates a consistently uniform reaction behavior.
-Highback: Zero Lean with Living Hinge Tech -A forgiving highback for riders who prefer medium flex.

The highbacks have an ergonomic design that matches the natural shape of the right and left legs for maximum control and comfort.

Thanks to the Living Hinge technology, you can save weight and be able to adjust your highback rotation independently of the forward lean.
-Adjustability: DialFLAD -The ingenious Dial Flad System allows you to adjust your Forward Lean quickly and without any tools.
-Ankle Strap: Lushstrap -The 3D molded Lushstrap with EVA padding is comfortable and keeps your boot firmly in place.
-Toe Strap: Primo Capstrap -The 3D molded Capstrap with Grip Fit profile on the inside provides firm support for optimal power transmission.
-Buckles: Smooth Glide -One-piece lever made of aluminum on a sturdy steel chassis, facilitate the buckling and ensure smooth ratchet.
-Steaming: FullBED -The FullBED insulation provides a continuous padding for maximum comfort and less fatigue.

Of course the gas pedal is adjustable and thanks to the drop fall technique the inserts are easy to reach.
Size chart: Shoe sizes (EU) -S = 38-41
-M = 41-44
-L = 43-48

Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings 2017 – Large

Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings 2017 - Large
  1. Re:Flex With a minimized, cored baseplate and Living Hinge disc, Re:Flex dramatically improves board flex and feel, and reduces weight.
  2. Through material blends we then manipulate the overall flex profilefrom buttery to responsive.
  3. Lushstrap A comfortable 3D curved design to fit seamlessly across your ankles.
  4. The triple axis spine and concealed EVA padding add extra comfort, durability and flex to the binding.
  5. Easy to use and surfy in feel, the Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings are the bindings that you won’t outgrow after you dial in the basics of snowboarding.
Buy here $132.96

Burton 2019 Custom (Black Matte) Snowboard Bindings

Burton 2019 Custom (Black Matte) Snowboard Bindings
  1. The straps work great I was concerned after reading some reviews on the straps.
  2. Not sure how some people had issues with them but too easy love them.
Buy here $139.96 – $199.95

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