Burton Focus Pack 30 Liter Photo Backpack True Black

Burton Focus Pack 30 Liter Photo Backpack True Black

The Burton Focus Pack is the perfect photo backpack for all snowboard and photo freaks.

The Focus Pack leaves no wish unfulfilled with photofriends.

Features such as board and tripod mount, adjustable waist straps, heater mount, detachable photo kit, padded laptop compartment, side pocket for accessories and? And? And? to protect the equipment on the track or in the park.

The Focus Pack is made of durable Cordura®. Cordura® is known for its bombproof resistance and abrasion resistance, which means lasting performance. The Focus Pack has a vertical board attachment.

This trim detail was introduced by Burton twenty years ago.

A system that provides more maneuverability and easy handling, and prevents your board's tail from constantly clapping against your legs -good balance in hiking with no fatigue.

The Focus Pack offers several storage options for the shovel, ia. an external compartment for quick access and an interior compartment for the kicker accessories. Just check the outfit details of each backpack to find the one that's right for you.

For a safe and easy storage of your laptop bder Focus Pack offers an additional laptop compartment. You can safely store your music in the sound pocket and plug the cable through the headphone cable guide to avoid cable clutter.

-Volume: 30 liters.

-Dimensions: 58 x 33 x 24 cm.

-Weight: 2.5 kg

-Material: 100% polyester

-Padded, ergonomically shaped shoulder straps

-Vertical Board / Tripod Mount

-Adjustable hoist strap with zipped pockets

-Removable, padded pocket with variable interior division

-Two side sheds for photo lamp

-External compartment for airfoil

-Padded laptop compartment (35 cm x 28 cm x 5 cm)]

-Removable, battery-saving holder forHeating elements

-Ground edged with tarpaulin material

-See-through goggle bag

Brand: Burton

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