Burton Genesis Re: Flex Snowboard Binding 2018 Red Prophecy

Burton Genesis Re: Flex snowboard binding 2018 Red Prophecy snowboard bindings

The Burton Genesis sets new performance standards over and over again, but the design is not bad either. Contemporary technology and contemporary advances combine to create a color theme in trendy, matte red with black accents.

This makes the Burton men's tie a guarantee for the winter.

The single-component Hi-Back with additional damping element, together with the impact profiles on and in the base plate, provide additional comfort and enormous driving pleasure. The feet are surrounded by ergonomic and soft straps, which have the ability to return generated force to the equipment and keep it bombproof.

Furthermore, the entry and exit is a real breeze thanks to the high-quality buckle technology, which lets you start first -so you are always at your buddy's destination.

Thanks to modern composites, the Burton snowboard binding is a real lightweight. It also offers medial and lateral flex for less fatigue, a softer feel for lighter ollies and skillz that will give you the day on the mountain.

With the wide compatibility of the Re: Flex mounting system, you can put them on any board and decide for yourself what you're up to! -Men's snowboard binding

-Mounting system: Re: Flex -2x4 and 4x4 Disc, ICS Channel

-Flex and Response: 7/10 -Medium

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair


-One-piece base plate: uniform response and control

-Universal with current fastening systems (adapter included)

-More responsive material: 18% short fiber and nylon composite

-Tool-free, adjustable gas pedal

-AutoCANT: double density EVA for naturalFoot position

-Re: Flex FullBED: underfoaming against fatigue

-B3 Gelpad: Damp pad in the heel area, reducing impact

br4> -HI-BACK:

-Ergonomically shaped and sloped

-Zero Forward Lean Highback: playful, relaxed driving

-Kickback Hammock: two-part steaming construction, heel cushioning

-MicroFLAD: allows forward tilt and fore position


-Tool-free, adjustable straps

-Hammock Anklestrap:large bearing surface, seamlessly

-Flex slider: stretched joint zone at Anklestrap

-Super Grip Capstrap: grippy rubber with elastic cover

-Double Take buckles with Insta-Click closure

Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings Mens

Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings Mens

  1. Mount EST bindings on a Burton board featuring The Channel, choose Re:Flex for universal compatibility across the board.
  2. My last pair of bindings I bought are some '99 Custom Freestyle Bindings.
  3. So naturally when it was time to finally upgrade my first choice was Burton Bindings.
  4. After a lot of research and trying some out on a demo day.
  5. Since I would be putting these on my older Burton boards I needed to go with the Reflex bindings.
  6. When they arrived the first thing I noticed on the box was MADE IN CHINA.
  7. All my older high end Burton Bindings were all made in Italy.
  8. So if you plan to put any new Reflex bindings on an older Burton Board, call Burton up first and they will send you the plates for FREE.
  9. Takes about a week depending on where you live to arrive.
  10. Not only that but my feet were not getting as cold from the straps being so tight on the boots while riding.
  11. At that exact moment I noticed that one of the Kickback Hammock's was loose on the Hi-Back.
  12. I was hoping this was just a matter of snapping it back on to the High-Back, but it was not.
  13. I called Burton first thinking it might be a quick fix and they could send me a part.
  14. They informed me that they would have to send out an all new High-Back and they were currently all out.
  15. I do appreciate their honesty when I asked them if this has been an issue.
  16. They said it has been a season long issue and that they are working on fixing the design, for next season.
  17. My choices through Burton were to send the bindings back for repair, or exchange for another model.

Buy here $279.26 - $359.95

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