Burton Genesis X EST Men’s Snowboard Tie Black Marble

Burton Genesis X EST Mens Snowboard Tie Black Marble snowboard bindings

Rider are loving it stiff at Burton Genesis X Freestyle binding exactly to the right place.

Here gets her powerful comfort, perfect control and precision to make your days on the mountain into unforgettable experiences.

The peculiarity of the Burton Genesis X, in contrast to conventional Genesis hiding in detail.

The base plate has 28% carbon fiber, which makes the snowboard binding stiffer and more reactive in addition to polyamide composite. In addition, the underfoot construction has been overhauled and now has a SpringBED damping, which exists exclusively on the Genesis X EST.

This unique technology bounces the rider off the board, much like a trampoline underfoot, providing a better rebound than anywhere else in snowboarding. In addition, the EST attachment system offers less down material, creating the best board feel, dramatically reducing weight, and providing more stance opportunities. The two-component highback has a free-floating damping element with shock-absorbing profiles on the boot bridge to prevent signs of slack. In addition, it can be moved, tilted or adjusted in various positions.

Thus, it is in every way adaptable to your own conditions, whether it is loose in the park to jib, or fast turns and downhill waiting for you. Your snowboots are surrounded by ergonomic straps, which have the ability to return generated power to the equipment and to be rock solid. Furthermore, the entry and exit through high-quality buckle technology is a real breeze.
-Men’s snowboard binding
-Fixing system EST: only compatible with Burton ICS CHANNEL!
-Flex and Response: 8/10 -Medium / Hard
-Scope of delivery: 1 pair
-Two-component base plate: softer material underfoot, side edges hard
-EST baseplate: less material and weight, more stance possibilities
-28% carbon fiber / polyamide composite: lightness and strength
-28% short fiber / polyamide composite: superior responsiveness
-The Hinge: flexible Heel Cup with connection to the base plate
-STEAM: SpringBEDSuspension system
br4> -HI-BACK:
-Material: 30% short glass / nylon composite
-Canted Design: Better Ergonomic Contours and Fit
-Zero-lean: Forwards the entire hi-back in relation to the base plate
-MicroFLAD: allows forward tilt of the Hi-Back Jerk
-Tool-free adjustment
-Hammock Anklestrap: large bearing surface, seamless design
-Flex slider: stretched joint zone at Anklestrap
-Supergrip capstrap: tightCentral stich, elastic edges
-Double Take buckles with Insta-Click closure

Brand: Burton

Burton Genesis EST Snowboard Bindings

Burton Genesis EST Snowboard Bindings
    Buy here $279.26 – $349.95

    Burton Genesis X EST Snowboard Bindings Mens

    Burton Genesis X EST Snowboard Bindings Mens
      Buy here $359.95 – $449.95

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