Burton Gore Glove Ladies Snowboard Gloves Bog Heather

Burton Gore Glove Ladies Snowboard Gloves Bog Heather gloves

The Burton Gore Gloves are your new wonder weapon against snow and cold. Your hands stay warm and dry thanks to the GTX membrane, which is both waterproof and breathable.

To support the properties, the finger gloves have a zippered pocket on the hand print that serves either for ventilation or as a way to stow a warm element. You get 2 pairs of snowboard gloves delivered, namely the inner and outer gloves, which can be worn individually or in combination, depending on the weather. For maximum comfort the snowboard gloves are ergonomically preformed.
-Ladies Finger Gloves
-Touch screen compatible
-Waterproof, breathable GoreTex insert
-Thermacore padding
-Fixed lining made of roughened microfibre
-Heat Element / Ventilation Bag
-Ergonomically preformed
-Removable inner glove with a handy palm
-Imitation leather palm
-Thumb with special material for wiping glasses
-Cuffs adjustable by cord
-Wrists with strap width adjustable
-Material: 50% Nylon, 40% Polyester, 10% Polyurethane

Brand: Burton

BURTON Women’s Gore-Tex Gloves

BURTON Women's Gore-Tex Gloves
  1. DRYRIDE 2L fabric, and a GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY GORE-TEX membrane protect this Thermacore insulated glove from the worst weather conditions.
  2. Screen Grab synthetic leather gives you stealth touchscreen control with any finger.
  3. Wear just the liner when shoveling, just the shell in sloppy spring conditions, or combine the two for total midwinter warmth and comfort.
  4. I recently transferred from Hawaii to the Chicago area and found out that I have Reynauds syndrome.
  5. These gloves keep the circulation going in my fingers, and I only need the inserts if it’s going to be below 20-30 degrees.
  6. The touch capability is really a necessity with these, since they are so thick I have to take them off to do much of anything.
  7. I would never be able to dig for my keys with them on, but the touch capability lets me use the keyless entry on my car and keep my fingers toasty.
  8. Sizing seemed a little off to me; I measured my hands per the instructions and was squarely in the “Small” range, but they felt way too big when they arrived.
  9. In particular, the material on the palm is really nice and there’s a fancy cinch on the wrists that allows you to tighten them so snow or cold air doesn’t get in.
  10. The small pockets on the back of each glove are also a nice touch – big enough to fit a key, credit card and a license.
  11. I rated them “somewhat small” because I find the fingers to be rather stubby, relative to the overall size of these gloves.
  12. But I wear a size 8 and got a large and they fit just fine.
  13. I can easily imagine myself wearing them by themselves in the fall.
  14. Not only will they keep out a chill, but they’re really attractive.
  15. The bumps on the palm and fingers that make them grippy are actually really pretty; I can imagine myself wearing the gloves upside down and showing off the pretty sparkly “backs.”

    Neither the outer or inner gloves work on a smartphone though.
  16. You have to take your gloves off to work a touchscreen.
  17. Purchased the medium gloves first but left too much room at the ends of the finger tips, so I returned them for a small and they’re perfect.
  18. I’d say if you’re on the fence on which size you need, go with the smaller one.
  19. A friend mentioned that you don’t have full range of motion for the thumb when you wear them but I have never found that to be a problem when I’m boarding or holding a beer.
  20. Kept my hands warm when tested in negative conditions with heavy winds.
  21. You can store a goggle wipe or hand warmers in the pockets on top of the glove too.
  22. Also, just a note these gloves are the over jacket top portion but you can synch them down to fit under a large boarding jacket.
  23. The liner of comes with is not touch screen compatible but I just used another pair of touchscreen gloves (Isotoner).
  24. The gloves have a spot to insert a hand warmer packet, but I never needed them.
  25. I had gone to REI and tried on tons of pairs of gloves and bought these and I’m glad I did.
  26. Temps reaching well below zero and I’ve been searching for gloves that will keep my hands warm.
  27. Most of the pairs of gloves I bought previously just didn’t do the job and got damp from my hands sweating, and my fingers stayed cold.
  28. The gloves shielded my hands from the cold and wind, and even warmed my hands up after not wearing the gloves.
  29. I wore them once to go sledding and got a small hole in the top layer of the fabric on one of the fingers.
  30. She was skiing in some 0F weather for several hours in them before her hands would get cold.
  31. Really good gloves, will update if the durability isn’t there, but based on my experience with burton, they’ll hold up.
  32. I still have a pair of 15 year old burton gloves, though the snot wipe is shot, they’re still solid and waterproof.
  33. The out glove is very bulky and limits your movement to grabbing and holding objects.
  34. Maybe the fit is the reason they aren’t quite as warm as I had hoped.
  35. The cheapest gloves I own do a better job keeping my hands warm vs these Burton’s.
  36. My hands get very cold easily but these keep them dry and warm!<
Buy here $41.97 – $70.00

Burton Gore-Tex Under Mitt

Burton Gore-Tex Under Mitt
  1. More than any other part of your riding kit, mitts have the most contact with the elements.
  2. DRYRIDE 2L fabric, and a GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY GORE-TEX membrane protect this Thermacore insulated mitt from the worst weather conditions.
  3. Screen Grab synthetic leather gives you full coverage touchscreen control using tech that will never fray, wear out, or wash off.
  4. My daughter wears these to snowboard and she loves them!!!<
Buy here $69.95

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