Burton Grom Snowboard Tie Chicklet 2015

Burton Grom Snowboard Tie Chicklet 2015 snowboard bindings

The snowboard binding for the little girls.

The Burton Grom is a super easy-to-use snowboard binding for toddlers. Equipped with a strap that provides firm hold on the board.

A small adjustable highback and a sturdy baseplate make it easy for kids to get in the mood for snowboarding and have fun. to have.

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair

-Compatible: fits on all boards (except ICS channel systems)

-Disc: 4x4 and 3D recording

-Base plate: One component base plate made of lightweight robust polycarbonate

-Highback: Mega Lightweight One Components Freestyle Grom Highback

-Straps: Onestrap with wide open ergonomic shaped Ratched Tongue

-Buckles: Kid Just Smooth Glite Buckles, Easy to Use for Small Hands

Gro? Entabelle -XS: EUR 24-30.5

-Youth: EUR 32-34

4 Year Old Snowboarding At Bear Mountain | Burton Chicklet And Grom Bindings


This is our daughter's 2nd season on the mountain and her 3rd season on her board. Before she turned 2, we purchased a Burton

Burton Used Burton Progression Snowboard Boot Youth Size 3.0 - Mondo 21.0 Gray Snowboard Boots - 3/Black Green Velcro

Burton Used Burton Progression Snowboard Boot Youth Size 3.0 - Mondo 21.0 Gray Snowboard Boots - 3/Black Green Velcro

  1. It has a traditional lace tie system (except for the black/green velcro version which has velcro).
  2. We took representative sample photos of the Progression to show you the condition of the boots.
  3. The boots you will receive will be in the same or similar condition as shown in the photos and described below.
  4. These boots come in a variety of colors and sizes, such as Gray Blue Logo, Black Green Blue, Black Green Logo, Black Green Velcro, and Black Green Blue Hourglass.
  5. Condition- These Progression Snowboard Boots were used for a few seasons by a mountain ski resort rental program.
  6. They are well used so they have a lot of scrapes and scratches.
  7. These boots will have toe wear from use and rubbing against the strap in binding.
  8. All the boots have working laces, but you may have to replace the laces in the near future.
  9. There is a company name and numbers engraved onto the back of the boots.
  10. I actually searched these out because I'm a short guy with big calf muscles and small feet, and it's very hard to find an appropriate boot.
  11. I rented this style of boot from a rental shop and they were the best, so I bought a pair for myself.

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