Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard Binding Black Mag 2018

Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard Binding Black Mag 2018 Splitboard accessories

The Burton Hitchhiker binding was designed in collaboration with Spark R D.

The Spark Tesla baseplate design is very durable and durable with a very low weight. If you're traveling far away from backcountry civilization with your friends, you'll really appreciate the power of the hitchhikers.

The Tesla Split system combined with Burton's latest technologies, such as the 3D molded Hammockstrap and the Double Take Buckles, created a responsive, comfortable and easy-to-use package.

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair

-Flex: 7/10

-Weight per piece (size L): 840g

-Standard Features:

-Highback rotation

-Adjustable Forward Lean

-Baseplate: Spark R D Tesla System

The baseplate was developed with the splitboard binding manufacturer Spark R D to fit all common interfaces.

Furthermore, the system offers you a simple and fast changeover from hike to ride mode.

-Baseplate Material: Machined Aluminum

-The machined aluminum is durable, resistant and provides the best power transmission when riding and riding.

-Highback: Single Component Negative Lean with Quick adjust Flad

-The one-piece highback brings power to the edges and the forward lean can be adjusted without tools.

-Ankle Strap: Hammockstrap

-The 3D shaped and responsive Reactstrap holds each boat tight in the binding. Thanks to the Asym function, it is possible to turn the straps around and thereby either put more pressure on the instep or direction of the tibia.

This allows you to choose between a flexible or fixed setting.

-Toe Strap: Supergrip Capstrap

-The minimalist design combines harder material for more support and softer material in the backbone, which perfectly encloses your boot for a perfect fit.

-Buckles: Double Take Buckles with Insta Click

-An aluminum lever on a sturdy steel chassis and a polycarbonate barrel.

New to this system is that the ratchet teeth (as opposed to the conventional horizontal ones) are spirally arranged.

This technology is more robust and facilitates the adjustment.

-Steaming: True OTT High Back Padding

-EVA steaming pads on the highback inside. Size chart: Shoe sizes (EU) -S = 38-41

-M = 41-44

-L = 43-48

Brand: Burton

Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard Bindings 2016 Review The House.Com


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Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard Bindings Mens

Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard Bindings Mens

  1. Get in the fast lane with splitboarding's most comfortable and reliable binding.
  2. It will be ten miles from civilization when you truly appreciate the premium comfort, strength, and proven performance of this Burton x Spark R&D brainchild.
  3. Topped off with a customized hi-back featuring skintrack-friendly negative Forward Lean options, this is the best possible solution for ruling the ups and downs of backcountry touring.

Buy here $344.95 - $459.95

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