Burton Lexa EST Snowboard Tie 2017 -Black / Gold

Burton Lexa EST Snowboard Tie 2017  Black / Gold snowboard bindings

The Burton Lexa EST snowboard binding is exactly what you are looking for! With legendary freestyle performance, tight flex and accurate support, the Lexa is not one of the most sought-after bindings on the market for nothing. You get the best support and responsive flex through the rubberised reinforcement on the inside of the hiback which steams your heel without inducing power transmission. So you get with a little loose straps lightning fast response out of the curve, a feature that supports your descents always positive and counteracts the fatigue of your foot.

Thanks to Double Take buckles with Insta Click, as well as practical Flex Slider joint zones, the Snow binding offers quick access and lets you safely start! So you hang your buddies faster than you can print a schnapps on the hut.

-Ladies snowboard binding

-Mounting system: EST -only on Burton ICS Channel

-Flex: 8/10 -hard

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair


-More reactive material -30% short fiber / nylon composite

-Tool-free adjustable gas pedal

-EST baseplate construction less weight, more position options through ICS Channel Flex

-AutoCANT SensoryBED steaming -supports the natural foot postition by means of double-compression EVA

-B3 Gel Pad -Damping gel pad in the heel area to reduce fatigue and impact


-Ergonomically shaped and sloped

-One-component construction special materials for improved flex profile

-Zero Forward Lean, DIALFLAD Living Hinge Technology -allows separate adjustment of forward inclination, post-position and rotation of the highback brt> -Heel Hammock -reinforced rubber material on the inside


-Women's True Fit Design

-Tool-free adjustable straps

-ASYM Hammock Anklestrap -asymmetrical upholstery and band form for variable adjustment

-Flex Slider -stretched joint zone at the Anklestrap for easier entry

-SUPERGRIP Capstrap -soft toe strap for better fit

-Double Take ratchets with Insta-Click -fast and secure locking system

-EU women's shoe sizes

-S = 34 -37.5

-M = 36 -41

-L = 40 -43

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